I think my husband is getting too friendly with his co worker: Advice?

Two people who work w my husband have said that he’s getting awfully friendly w a co-worker. They have said that they’re always flirting & he’s said that he would have sex w her. This girl has got a family of her own & he & I to share a 14-month-old son. I don’t know who to believe. He says he’s very upset bc he doesn’t know why anyone would say that bc it’s not true. He said why would he ruin his family & she said the same. He says he has to train her; that’s why he’s been around here a lot, which I get. But why are they telling me they’re flirting & he’s made some inappropriate comments about her? I worry bc recently we’ve been having more & more problems & he comes home in a bad mood all the time & now I’m starting to think all of this is true bc he has been acting strange…


Has he ever given you any reason to not trust his word? Like, has he ever told you he’d do something for you and then not? Or has he ever told you he wouldnt do something but then did?

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I always say trust your gut.


If trust is lost get to counseling.

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his co workers have zero reason to lie to you. they will gain nothing from that lie. trust them and your instinct. he hasnt been his normal self.


If you can’t talk to your HUSBAND about this and trust what he says then why are you with him? Do you even know these people that told you this? How well do you know them? Well enough to take their word over his? Has he ever given you a reason to believe he’d be unfaithful? These are questions that only YOU have the answer to. So if you cant believe your husband, and you dont know if you can believe his co workers, what difference is the opinion of 100s of strangers on FB gonna make? You should be talking more with HIM about this. Not going to strangers for advice.


show up to his work a few times for lunch or to bring in the kiddo. … the look on his face if he’s ever with her being inappropriate will be priceless


Doesn’t sound good I’ve been there


just let it be a pop in don’t tell him


Yeah, I agree with Whitney, I agree with everyone

Follow your gut instinct this is inappropriate for your husband to be even getting these accusations on the job this is sexual harassment and very scary to boot you’ve talked to.him but these accusations keep.coming.i would be tempted to talk to his boss about this but it’s up to u. Maybe go in stay with some relatives to think this out.good luck


I’ve been there too and it doesn’t sound good.

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Always always always trust your gut. It’s never wrong.


Trust your gut a womans instincts is always right. Take him lunch show up unexpectedly see for your self


Red flags…follow your gut feeling. Try talking. Try time for you and him. Go see for yourself

Is your husband generally a friendly natured person.?
Just maybe , these other colleagues are perceiving more in his exchanges with this lady than is actually there.

Sounds like how I met my husband. Same exact story. I started as a machinist in the shop he worked for and he was training me. He wasn’t married though and neither of us have any children. Not condoning it at all though. What we did was not the right thing, but it happened. I was the other woman and it was definitely happening. Though I’m not sure his ex knew about it til after they broke up. Moral of the story, trust yourself. Unfortunately, you’re probably right. :slightly_frowning_face:

Go to couples therapy.

Happened to me, same thing. They became very flirty, and I trusted him and not my instinct. Turns out, it was happening. Be careful, watch the red flags. The guy I was with same thing, very moody at home etc.

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the fact that he says he would sleep with her says it all…ijs…id consider moving on from the relationship or getting couseling…no trust no relationship…

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