I think my husband lied to me and was playing video games with a girl: Advice?

The other night I got up to get a glass of water. My husband was still in the living room playing video games; I do not mind because he does a lot for our family. The issue is, I asked him who he was playing with, and he just said “some random guy,” but he acted weird when he said it, and I feel like he was lying. The next day he was at work, I checked his friends on his games, and it was definitely a girl gamer tag. Why would my husband feel the need to lie about this? Should I confront him?


Has it been a previous issue? I’d bring it up and ask why he felt the need to lie. If you’ve had jealousy problems in the past, he could be trying to just avoid a conflict. I’ma gamer wife and my husband is a gamer as well, because we BOTH game I don’t feel weird about it but he also wouldn’t lie to me because that’s a whole other can of worms.
I’d ask him why he thought lying to you was okay and why he felt the urge to lie in the first place.


He lied for a reason


If you’re married then yes I’d be concerned as well

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You should definitely confront him… as said above he lied for a reason xx

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I’d confront him about lying heck yes! Ask why he felt the need to lie.


The lying would piss me off there’s something not right there he’s hiding something


Probably because of this reaction


I can’t be the only one who wouldn’t give a shit lol… keep playing ya game boo… I got the bed to myself :woozy_face::woman_shrugging:t3:

Take this down to its simplest form - when we learn to lie as children, what is the purpose? We lie to keep ourselves out of trouble. Your husband was doing something he was afraid to get into trouble for. He either did it to protect your feelings or to avoid conflict. I don’t know how you feel about the act, maybe it wouldn’t bother you at all. Maybe it would bother you too much. That’s between you and your husband. But make sure that your expectation about gaming with ladies and telling the truth is clearly known to him, what the consequences are, and stick to your plan.


Me and my husband both like to play video games in our spare time and he has a couple gamer girls he plays with which doesnt worry me at all but the lying dont sit right with me. I would just ask why he lied about it. Is it possible you can listen to the conversation or what he is saying because I can normally pick up exactly what my husband talks about with his friends just by listening to him for a minute. Does he say anything triggering? Idk I’d definitely ask though.

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Maybe because he knew you would overreact? I don’t see how this is an issue


Lord child your making a mountain out of a mole hill. Which is why he probably lied in the first place. Who cares who he plays the game with? If u trust and love him it shouldn’t be a issue. The fact u had to go a check behind him is the real issue!


🤦 you do realize that most of them are not near u unless u personally know them right ? I used to flip on my husband for this only he dint lie nor tell me or try to hide it but still i felt like a idiot because none of them are near him and like i said he dont try to hide anything either but he explains to me about it alot of games u need people to play with n the good ones male or female are good to always play with 🤷 and he showed me what he meant so idk id ask him before snappin on him like i said i felt like a crazy person lmao

Married or not the only female needs to be playing video games with is you the only female he needs to talk to is you the only one he needs to spend time with is you there is no reason he should be looking texting talking playing or anything with another girl the only one he should be doing that with is you is show him your not going to put up with that and tighten the rope give him no breathing room he has to answer his phone in front of you he has to show you who he’s texting he has to give you his phone and let you decide who he is allowed to speak to and he has to ask your permission to give out his number he has to give you all of his account info and he has to watch you decide who he can be friends with you should delete all females unless there blood related he has allow you to read all his messages you get to hold his phone and you decide when he uses it you decide when he can go online he has to give you every thing he has a passcode to you get to change it and put in a code only you know he doesn’t get to know the code he doesn’t get to answer any text phone calls or social message unless approved by you you have to go every where with him he goes out with friends you go with the first time he says you tell him he’s not going then he has no space no privacy nothing


It also does not mean that it is a female. It’s just a gamer name. I named my bf for his and my boys have random names - a whole family could be playing under that same name


Confront him yes, because this is something that is bothering you, but don’t talk at him, express you’re feelings in a calm relaxed manner. You don’t want to fight, you want to discuss. I would be upset he lied, and when feeling like something wasn’t right I would have done the same thing. But you need to make sure you tell him that he doesn’t need to lie to you about things.
Regardless even if it was something more, he isn’t going to tell you. It’s going to turn into a fight because he’s going to get defensive about the situation.


Because he knew you’d act like this😂


don’t say anything and next time listen to the way he talks to them.

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Probably didn’t say anything cuz he thought you would overreact. It’s just a game