I think my son has some form of ADHD: Advice?

My son is four years old. He just turned 4. I have a feeling that my son has some form of ADHD. I’m not sure, though. But the real issue is that I recently had a baby girl, and my son has been acting out so bad that I do not know what to do. I am at my absolute witts end. His behavior is a problem. At home, especially in public. I don’t know what to do because he cries and nags for every single thing. I tell him to the bath he cries, I tell him to go get undressed to the bath he cries when we out in public he cries people stare at me, the family gets super irritated. He cannot sit still. He wiggles and talks to himself make funny sounds for no reason I can ask him to stop when his sister is asleep he stops for a minute and does it again. Now I’ve spoken to him put him in naughty corner spanked him shouted its to the point where I dream of telling him to be quiet. His father is absent, and I have a boyfriend that’s been around since 1.5 years old. But because I’ve always been overprotective and never allowed him really reprimand him. He will talk to him only when I ask him to do so. So I don’t know what the underlying problem is I shower him with love and give him the best that I possibly can, but with that comes the fact that I work five days a week. So I’m really lost, and I don’t know where to start and how to start correcting his behavior, but really, he honestly cries more than the baby now. Any constructive advice will be appreciated. I’m at the point where I’m crying daily because I feel I have failed as a mother now.


Best way to check is getting him tested.

Start with his pediatrician.
Good luck.

Did you ever stop and think he may be doing it for attention? Maybe he feels like he doesn’t get enough attention since his little sister came into your lives? He needs time with you that is special just like your baby girl. You have to make some all about him time and make him feel special and loved too and I’m sure with that and some stern talking to and maybe a little time out he will be back to normal


He could have adhd but he could also just be regressing the way kids do when you add a sibling ask his doctor what they think. List what he does. Try to redirect his energy when you can and see if that helps. It’s so frustrating bc you think the older one will be easier but they give you a harder time while they adjust.

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Try CBD oil to calm down his moods. Read up on it more or have him checked by a dr to confirm he has ADHD and then you can find out if it is mild or not.

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Was he like that befor you had the baby too?

4 is a tough age, generally. 4 is also way too young to properly diagnose ADHD. He’s not difficult because there’s something wrong. He’s difficult because 4 year olds are difficult. It’s just the way it is.


Talk to his doctor and have him tested.

I can tell you right now with someone having adhd mild to severe meds help if he is. It does come with side effects like not wanting to eat as much but as soon as the meds wear off I was in the kitchen eating everything in site

If you are truly concerned about whether or not he has ADD/ADHD, I’d speak to his pediatrician and see if they recommend an assessment and intervention, if necessary. I’m no professional, but personally, I feel like 4 may be a bit young to determine such. How old is baby sister? Is it possible that he’s just acting out because it’s a big change for him? Not being the baby anymore could be making him feel out of sorts as well. Is he able to tell you how he’s feeling? Or why he’s doing the things that he is? I’ve also seen it suggested that you make sure there is one-on-one time with you cut out for him during the day. Possibly when little sis is napping. If you haven’t already, could you ask him to help with her? Small things like fetching diapers and wipes, or talking to her, or finding her a specific toy? I wish I had more in the way of advice to offer you. Best of luck, and hang in there Mama. I’m sure it’s rough.

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Could he possibly be autistic

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Let him be a kid!! The baby will adapt to her surroundings and sleep. Let the boyfriend spend time with him, take him out. Maybe make the ekid feel included. Seriously, how would you feel being told to be quiet all day. He is doing it because it’s the only time you pay attention to him. Kids know if they act good or bad which one attracts attention. Spend some time with just him. He doesn’t have a disease he is a CHILD.

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Four is a difficult age even when there’s not a new baby vying for attention.

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If you think its adhd start with your pediatrician. My son is adhd. We see a physiatrist and a behavioral therapist. Most drs wont diagnos adhd until the child starts school.

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He’s 4. Sounds like he’s doing normal kid things to me


If he didnt act like this before the baby, then hes probably doing it because of her. Kids usually dont take big life changes very well and act out cause of it. It could just be that hes jealous and wants more attention.

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My son was 4 when all his diagnosis came to light. Id call the ped have testing done they do extensive testing for adhd odd anxiety autism…good luck

Well dont spank him or punish him… if he does have ADHD theres no way he can control it on his own. Go to a doctor

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My daughter was like this at that age. She doesn’t have ADHD or anything else. It was literally like a stage she went through. She is 9 now, and she is just a wonderful kid. I know it is hard and it almost completely breaks you down, trust me I know. I would literally have moments where I would walk away from everyone and scream into pillows or wait till everybody was in bed and lock myself in the bathroom to fall apart and just sob cry. But hang in there, there is a light at then end of the tunnel, and every thing will be okay momma. :purple_heart:

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