I think my toddler has an unhealthy attachments to my husband: Thoughts?

I think my two years old has grown to have an unhealthy attachment to my husband. My husband has been home with us since March, and for most of this year, I’ve been pregnant and sick. My daughter has been very attached to my husband because he babies her much more than I do. He picks her up and carries her around, snuggles her in bed all night long, she follows him everywhere, and when she has a meltdown or scrapes her knee, his affection towards her is sort of over-exaggerated (“It’s okay, it’s okay, give me a hug. I love you. Give me another hug, it’s okay.” Etc.) And I’m just thinking; it’s not a crisis hun- let’s not make this something it’s not. :sweat_smile: Well, now we have a new baby. And it’s worse. She will not sleep without him next to her snuggling, and she has meltdowns, sobbing, and crying when he goes to the bathroom at night. Some nights I try to pass the baby off to him for a couple of hours so I can have a break, but I don’t get a break because then I have a screaming toddler in bed with me while he rocks the baby in the living room. I usually just give up and send her out to him and take the baby back. The daytime isn’t as bad. I’ve been able to watch her while he leaves the house for a bit, and she seems okay. I’m dreading him going back to work at 5 am because she will not sleep without him, and I don’t know how I’m going to manage a newborn and a crying toddler at 5 am, trying to get them down to sleep. We do have a family bed. Any advice? How do we even start to navigate this transition?

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Ummm sounds like jealousy.


Id love it if my toddler was attached to someone other than me. Hes glued to my ass. You should slowly start having your husband leave the bed early every morning so she can adjust when he returns to work.

Have more mommy and daughter time when the baby is asleep, give her the attention like him. She may be having changed feelings about the change in the family and doesn’t know how to explain it to you guys.


Your husband being a good dad bothers you??


Awe she loves her daddy. Be happy, there are so many children who don’t get the chance to be the apple of their daddy’s eye.


My son favors his dad too. Daddy babies him and mommy is mean and makes him eat healthy food and tells him no.


Okay first off it’s not unhealthy for her to be attached to her father like that if it’s not unhealthy for a toddler of the same age to be attached to the mother like that but just try to get him to stop babying her as much and maybe the nights you need a break from newborn don’t give her a choice eventually she’ll learn it’s okay to be away from daddy sometimes I had to do the same with my son mostly just not letting him in the bathroom with me and he’s pretty good about it now


Be glad they have a healthy father daughter relationship. A lot of daughters don’t have that! My daughter is attached to my hip. She loves her daddy but I wish she was attached to his hip more then mine so I can get stuff done. :rofl::rofl::rofl: she’s probably jealous and maybe you aren’t giving her the same love and attention as dad is. Start spending more time with her and being like that to her and she will get better. She’s only two. Her daddy is her safe place.


Sounds like she feels the love and affection from him, and hasn’t bonded with you in the same way. Spend time with her :woman_shrugging:t3:


He’s just being a good dad…


Im sorry i agree it us unhealthy. Start transitioning her to her own bed and you should try to do more for her while the baby is down. ALSO let her help with the baby she maybe trying to comnunicate feelings that ahe cat articulate.


Sounds like she’s lucky to have one loving parent :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Your going to be fine, but be prepared for more melt downs once your husband goes back to work you need to set boundaries, this will help the whole family . Boundaries are a wonderful thing to teach your children they will function better as adults also .


the way this is written sounds like you might need to open your heart to her bit more. shes attached to him because he is showing her the love she needs right now. babies take a lot of attention away and can make a kid feel insecure.


He’s being a good parent to a small child who just lost her mom to illness and then got a brand new sibling. If this was you you’d be bitching that you’re just being a good mother. It sounds like youre just jealous honestly.

I agree that sounds like a nightmare. How will she learn to self cope with dad?
And you poor thang! Seriously mama, dang!
Id start by transitioning her into her own bed before he goes back to work.
Also take dates with her. Mommy daughter dates.


Is him being a good dad to his daughter bad gosh you should be thankful he is some dads don’t do nothing or are not as involved… your daughter is going through a difficult time it’s hard to have a new sibling around


She’s going through a really big change right now. Daddy getting to be home more and a new baby. what she’s going through is normal. my 2 year old went through the same thing.


Maybe you can let her help with the new baby, go get a diaper

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