I told my boyfriend to change his ways or I am gone: Thoughts?

So my boyfriend and I have a little girl. She’s five months, and it’s getting harder. I live with my mom, and he rents a place. The place doesn’t allow us to be together, and he just started working so we can get our place. All we do know is a fight. I have our daughter most of the time, I also go to school online full time, plus working and doing side jobs. So I’m always stress and tried, but I keep going. He just started a new job, and he’ll be gone for a week for training. But he wants to fight about everything. Apparently, I take everything out on him, but if I do, I try not to, but he doesn’t work with me. His birthday is coming out, and I was planning out to take him out for his birthday. But all he wants to do is have sex. I’m fine with it, but he acts like we never do. He says I don’t make time for him, but I do, yet all he wants to do is have sex and then want to fight if he doesn’t get his way. He’s getting annoying, and I just don’t know what to do. I’ve told him to change his ways, or I’m walking out. Yet he’ll act one way then 5 mins later a different way.


Why would he want to be gone all the time

You already have a child. He needs to grow up for sure…


Sounds like you both need to grow up. Realize yall now have a baby, and need to either learn how to get along or be done. If yall are fighting like this while you dont live together… imagine how it will be living with each other…


Move on you’ll thk me

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I wouldn’t have that much stuffing around my child.

He’s not even your husband… Tell him to get going


You don’t need a child. Stop giving him chances because he’s never going to stop and it usually just gets worse. Imagine how bad it be if you actually lived together :scream::dizzy_face:. Move on.


Move on for sure. Sounds like a guy I know. This guys in his 40s still cant grow up. Its not all about sex. You have a baby. He needs to put his big boy panties on get shit together. Can there be more woman thats why hes gone

If he acts this way it will be worse when you live together you already have one kid you don’t want to be looking after a man child too, you are doing everything you can to better you life through school and hard word so you can give your daughter a better life ask yourself is he doing the same?

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You both need to grow up🤦 If you cant get along and you two dont even live together what makes you think this relationship is going to work? Your baby is only 5 months, IT GETS HARDER. Save money and get your own place and move on with your life.


You both sound very young


Both of you sound extremely young.
No one will change their “ways” for someone else. They are who they are, and no matter how much you ask him to change it’s not going to happen.


He sound very immature. He is trying to make you feel bad. You are better off without him.


If he is like this now he will be worse if yall live togather and if you have another child.

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Make it work, your baby needs you two to be mature. Get your shit together

:running_man:t2:‍♂:running_man:t2:‍♂:running_man:t2:‍♂:running_man:t2:‍♂:running_man:t2:‍♂ quit talkin start walkin he sounds like a child himself


My advice is don’t have anymore kids until you’re 35. For real.


Nah, tell him no more and file for child support. He is not ready yet for a family life. Stay with Mom and continue on.

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Stay with mom, finish school so you can provide for your kid, and while you are getting your own life together, he will be less and less attractive as a real partner. You have no chance of finding mr right if mr wrong is still around.