I took two pregnancy tests with two different results: Thoughts?

Yesterday night I had taken a pregnancy test it had came out faint positive, but it shows, so today I took another one the faint line didn’t show up, anybody knows whats going on?


Different urine dilution, could be early as find mine yo-yo unless viable or could be early loss also known as chemical pregnancy

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My sister was told years ago that you can get a false negative reading, but never would you get a positive false reading. That if it says your pregnant, you are definitely pregnant. If you get a positive go to Doctor. You will need one anyway


Test in the morning, first thing.
I took like 10 tests the first time, get the one that says pregnant or not pregnant, helped me to see it like that.

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A positive is always positive. A negative can be false.


Could be your hormone levels.

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How long did you wait to check the one last night ? Could it have been an evap line ?

Urine could be diluted, or it could be a chemical pregnancy.

I always got more accurate results later on in the day or in the evening…Even though everyone says it is best in the morning. Get First Response manual tests, they are the most sensitive/accurate. Rare that you will get a false positive though.

Wait a few days and try again in the morning. The hormone that it tests for typically doubles every 48-72 hrs so the more hormone present the stronger, or darker, the line will be.

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Different types of tests also pick up different amounts of the hormone… Sometimes one can show positive and the other negative. Wait a few days and test again

Take a 3rd and go with majority?

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Try two different brands and use the same urine

Anyone saying false positives don’t exist are completely wrong. You can get a false positive if you are taking certain medications. Also, a chemical pregnancy can cause one positive, followed by negatives. As well as some medical issues that can give false positives. These people are not obstetricians. Either keep testing, or see an OB/GYN.


Read the box. It’ll tell you “a positive is a positive, even very faint. A negative isn’t necessarily a negative.”

The dollar store brands are sometimes the best, they show positive with very little hcg.


Blue dye can read false positive if that was the type taken

I have not heard of getting a false positive but I have heard of getting a false negative…

Make sure you take it with the first pee on the morning, your levels are higher first thing

Go to the dollar store buy a few and test them all at the same time go with the majority