I want to get back with my oldest fathers son: Thoughts?

I want to get back together with my oldest son’s father. Neither one of us has custody of our son, but he lives with a great foster family, and he knows them as mom and dad. I have a second son on the way and is due in June by another guy, but he was never around at home or anything because he didn’t like being home, and he was always “busy.” My oldest son’s father and I have been talking for a few weeks, and we both want to get back together, but every time we tried in the past, it never worked out. I’m scared to see where this leads because I’m scared of getting hurt or left for another girl again. I need advice on what to do.


You answered your own question, it never worked out and It’s most likely not gonna work out this time either.


If you have tried to get back with this person several other times. (As you have stated in your own question) then I suggest the answer being you dont get back with him again to only be lead on and hurt. Seriously save yourself the hurt and find someone whom actually cares about you and your baby coming into the world.


Not even getting into this. Grow up get your kid out of the system then worry about your sexual life


I think you just need to do you. Take care of you and your kid. Dont worry about him.


It’s hard for anyone to say since we don’t know all the details of your past relationship with him. It sounds a bit like things weren’t good between you guys so it may be best to move on in that case.


Do not continue this cycle. I did for 7 years. I finally left. I’ve been in a happy healthy relationship for the last almost 3 years.

make sure you put that 2nd kid up for adoption, maybe see if your oldests sons parents want him. oh and get your uterus taken out after you give birth this time.


Just focus on your new baby. If it didn’t work out then it won’t work out now.

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Why dont you just focus on getting your son out of foster care? Da fuck is wrong with you?

Instead of focusing on any man, try focusing on your children. Priorities. If it was me I would be doing anything I could to get my son back. Not sit here and be focused on finding a man. :roll_eyes:


Let’s see here , you want your sons dad back but not your son . What kinda of shit is that

Why not try to get your kid back. That should be more of a Priority


Yikes. I’d worry about having a relationship with my son before trying to be with someone you already know isn’t going to work. You’re pregnant again. Take care of you and that baby… and not a man that clearly didn’t help you take care of the child you two had together.


Take care of you & your child. Leave the men alone til you are stable enough…


Sounds like you need to be more worried about your kids instead of a damn man.

Put your kid first… No man (or anyone for that matter) should come before them…


I would say focus on your child coming. Not men


Please leave your oldest child with the family that loves him and give up any parental rights if that family wants to adopt him.


Focus on your poor child in the system! Are you kidding me?? A man is your first priority? Your a pathetic excuse for a “mom” you dont deserve the title