I want to have another baby but am not married: Thoughts?

I have two kids with my partner, who I’ve been with since high school, and we’ve been together for nearly six years? He’s a great dad who makes more effort with the kids than I sometimes do. Our daughter is three this year, and our son just turned one last month. I had them close in age because I wanted to be fat once, lol. Have I been thinking of having another baby soon, maybe next year or even late this year? But because we aren’t married (we talk about getting married, so the intention is there), I’m a bit iffy. I don’t wanna be one of those women with six kids and still isn’t a wife. Am I normal to feel 50/50 about it?


You just said he makes more effort than you do. But you want more kids?


And marriage is going to change what?


I think if marriage is such a big thing to you, then you should communicate this with your partner and get his thoughts and feelings on it. It’s all well and good to have those intentions but if this is something you’re wanting to prioritise first before you have your next baby then you’ll have to have the conversation. I personally see nothing wrong with wanting to be married, it’s fair to want to have the same last name as your babies.


You had two without being married. What’s the difference?


You already have 2 and aren’t married… Why is it a big deal now?


I’ve been with my man for 16 years. We aren’t married. We have 2 kids. It’s fine.


You don’t need to be married to have a family, After all it’s just a piece of paper right. what matters most is that you both love each other and both want the same things :slightly_smiling_face:


Marriage is just a piece of paper. If you’ve been with someone for years and have children with them and live with them, a piece of paper is not going to change anything about the way you feel about each other or your relationship. Don’t let other people’s opinions bother you because it’s your relationship and your kids, not theirs. If you want more kids and someone has an issue that you’re not married I’d tell them to shove their opinion up their ass.

You’ve already brought two kids into this world without being married and now you’re being hesitant cause you’re not married? Hope you realize that being married is just a piece of paper saying you’re married that’s it nothing more than that and if yall ever decide to split you’ll be dealing with lawyer fees and child support child custody etc so really think abt this because in the end it’s just a piece of paper that’s it I’m sorry. Yall can do the same stuff without being married hell yall already are yall brought two kids in this world u live together u sleeping together etc.


Do you really think a piece of paper is going to make a difference on how much you love each other? And he already sounds like a great dad so about another baby if you want


Well I’m doomed as I have over twice that amount of children and I do all the work and I’m no where near married but best of all my kids get 110%, of my attention so I don’t need to be concerned about being married and having a piece of paper to prove it…at the end of the day a marriage is a day of showing your partner what you have done since you have been doing for past however long but with a piece of paper added into it to frame now thats all…:slightly_smiling_face:

At this point I don’t understand one more kid making a difference.

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Marriage is a piece of paper. Also, you wanted to be fat? Huh?

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what’s the difference at this point…

He makes more effort with the kids than you sometimes do? U wanted to be fat once… what’s wrong with a woman who has six kids and isn’t married?


You don’t need to be married to have a family…

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That’s completely based on preference. I have a child with my boyfriend and we plan on having another. However, I refuse to ever get married. It’s not my thing :woman_shrugging:t4:

Have the baby. Get back to the weight you want and then get married and then you can also include all the kids bot just 2 and one be born after and not in pictures etc

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Can you support them? Do you want to care for them, lessons, school, socials,…

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