I want to leave my current relationship: Advice?

I’ve been with my boyfriend for three years this year around Christmas with be four and in may one year living together. Now that he and I live together, I want out. I have a daughter from a previous relationship, and am now 21 weeks pregnant. He is a sweet guy, BUT he sits and plays video games ALL DAY and night to the point where I’m telling him he needs to come to bed, especially since I know he’ll sleep threw his alarm and I’ll end up having to wake him up for work. At the beginning of our relationship, he cheated on me twice, and the second time I lost all communication with him for a week on my behalf. He doesn’t have his priorities straight instead of putting groceries in our house which was almost empty of food he bought his sister a $200 stroller that SHE picked out, he’s continuously put the needs of his mom and siblings before our household first. I don’t care that he helps to support them AS LONG AS HE’S NOT TAKING FROM OUR HOUSEHOLD, but he has me paying my car note, car insurance, half rent, my daughters after school bill, electric and now wants me to pay for gas which is behind by $500 HIS doing because he was supposed to be responsible for it. I know that my car stuff and my da,ughter’s stuff is MY responsibility, but he doesn’t realize that I’m paying for a lot. The only things he pays for is his car insurance, his half of the rent and the cable bill. I moved two states away from my ENTIRE family, and I feel it in my bones that I don’t want to be with him anymore, and I’ve expressed it. I’ve told him politely that maybe he should move back in with his mom, but he’s still in the house. I don’t know what to do to get him to leave. Can anyone help me? I’ve tried the direct approach, and it’s not working.


You have a kid involved now. Counseling first. None of this so so wild it can’t be worked through with effort from both.


Maybe you have to just be very blunt and tell him that he has to move out. Let him know that you cannot continue to live in this situation. Obviously he’s putting you last and if you enable him then he will just keep doing it

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I think you know what to do. If it’s like this now. …do you think it’s going to get better? Have you thought about going back home?

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Take your daughter and run. He’s still a boy. Not a man.


I would move back home if he won’t leave, honestly I would’ve left the first time he had the nerve to cheat.


he knows what he is doing . re read what you just wrote to us and ask yourself is this what you want your child to be like when they grow up or do you want your children seeing mummy being treated like this I mean you could try counselling but you said you have tried to talk to him but he isn’t listening


RUN. Can you move back to your hometown?


I’d leave him with the apartment and associated bills :woman_shrugging:


For you and your daughter it’s time to leave

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Run for the hills pretty obvious who comes first!

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Pack yourself and your daughter I to the car with as much as you can and drive home to your family!


Have him removed from the lease talk to your landlord to see if they may know how if you moved 2 states away and want to stay where you are vs him having family he can go to then you and your daughter shouldnt be the ones to struggle especially pregnant

I stopped reading at he cheated on me twice in the beginning…:woman_facepalming:t2::running_woman:t4:


Is his name on the lease? If not, evict him. If he refuses to leave, take your daughter and your belongings and go.


Pack your stuff and leave, nothing is keeping you there anymore


Move back where u came from, done!


You already know what to do, so do it. If you’re not happy, then move out if he’s not staying. Move back two states over. Who’s name is on the lease? You can get him evicted but you’d have to go through to the courts.

Now as for the money part, you’re upset because you have to pay for your stuff and your half of the rent? :thinking: you’re right on one thing, yes that’s your responsibility.


Leave before the babys born.if you stay till after the babys born h will hold the child over your head to. Control you. And for god sakes don’t put his name on that baby’s birth certificate. My daughter didn’t take this advice and right now she’s fighting for custody of children that he doesn’t even want. He will use it as a form of control trust me.

Leave him. There are absolutely no excuses for him. Don’t make any for him. Don’t defend him. Just leave. Go back home. Go to a women’s shelter. Go to a friend’s. Look up some local resources for people in your situation. Just take your children and go.