I was asked not to post about my pregnancy because my boyfriends brothers girlfriend lost her baby: Advice?

I have a question, just wondering how others would feel about this. I tried for ten years to get pregnant and was diagnosed with PCOS and was told I couldn’t have children naturally, and I even tried fertility meds and nothing. Well, I am finally, naturally pregnant with my first and soooo over the moon. My boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend was also pregnant at the same time and sadly suffered a miscarriage. I am obviously sad for her and cannot imagine how she must be feeling. My boyfriend’s mother messaged me twice today, asking me not to post about my baby because ** lost hers. I understand where she’s coming from, and I’m sorry this person is hurting, but I am excited about my baby. I feel like this person should maybe take a break from FB or even unfollow me. I would not be offended at all, and I am actually upset his mother asked me that.


You need to live your life with celebration!!! That’s not fair to you.They should be excited & share your excitement.What will it be next when another tradegy happens? They can’t control these situations with shoving you aside.

When I lost my daughter I just unfollowed my friends that were having babies for awhile. She should do the same. You have every right to post about your child.


You hit the nail on the head…you have the right to post, she has the right to unfollow. I’m sorry for her circumstances but in no way does it mean you are not allowed to celebrate your good news.


post and make it where she can’t see it. Privacy of post can be made for everyone, friends, and says friends except… you can’t hide everything all the time because eventually she’s going to be around you and the baby so she will have to eventually deal with it


Post it. And just block them for seeing post. You have every right to be happy & celebrate

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You shouldn’t have to hide your excitement and not be able to post. It’s extremely sad that they lost their baby, but they don’t have to follow you, or you can block them from seeing your post. They shouldn’t expect you to hide your excitement.

Simply block her from said post…

Soon you won’t be able to hide the truth.

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You do you… you can’t control the universe

Set privacy for the posts so she can’t see them

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Inappropriately named…

What happens when you start showing ?

Yes sad but you deserve to spread your joy so post away

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She can unfollow you. Let your happiness for your miracle shine!!

We went through the same thing with my daughter and her sister in law. She still hates my daughter to this day likes she blames her.

I’m sorry I’ve been through a miscarriage myself n my friend was also pregnant. I attended all if her appointment’s n was actually happy for her… She should be happy that u are pregnant not against u. Hell look what u been through n if no one can’t accept the fact that ur happy tell them to kiss ur ass n also inform them that they’re not welcome around u or ur child.


You have every right to post whatever you want about your baby. Don’t let someone else take your moment from you. Congratulations! Celebrate.


Her losing the pregnancy has .nothing to do with you at all.enjoy they are a bunch of Nuts

Your baby is yours to celebrate. A loss of a child is devastating, but don’t punish a new bub for circumstances it didn’t create.