I was called lazy for forgetting my childrens plates: Advice?

Currently homeschooling 2 children whilst studying at university full-time myself and working part time. Today I’ve been called lazy as I left my children’s plates from lunch in the living room until 3 pm; I’ve literally not stopped either supporting my children with their work or doing my own studies. My husband is currently working from home, but as his wage pays the mortgage, I get very little support from him during the day, as it wastes his time. Was I in the wrong, forgetting the plates were on a table in the living room?


I’d put them on his pillow fuck him

He’s being a jerk. You are handling a lot.


No you were not! We all forget shit! :kissing_heart:

I think there are more important things to worry about


Tell him u got 2 hands pick them up yourself…


Tell people to get a grip. Two plates‼️


Not at all. But depending on the ages of your kids I would start making it their responsibility to clean up after themselves. It will take a little bit off of your plate. No pun intended


Hell no. He has 2 hands he needs to use them and put 2 plates in the damn sink. Just because he pays the mortgage doesn’t mean you’re the only one who can pick up after the kids.

Wrong??? I wish women would have more respect for themselves. You are not wrong he is the lazy ass

He would hate to see my house :joy:


He can go suck a dick honestly. Wtf is with men these days?


The thing about it is when someone points a finger at you there’s 3 pointing back at them…youre not lazy at all but maybe he is :smirk: i said what i said…


Ugh during this pandemic for most people leaving dishes out a few hours is the least of our worries. I have told people if certain things bother them their two choices are to: 1.) Feel free to: clean, do laundry etc. 2.) Keep it to yourself!


Um your kids can take there own plates to the kitchen and your husband if he saw them is just as capable of picking them up and carrying them to the sink…


If your kids are old enough for school they’re old enough to clean up their own plates


Hey, shit happens, you’re not in the wrong. He was just being a dickhead. :woman_shrugging:

Just because he covers the mortgage doesn’t mean you have to be the teacher, provider, student, cleaner and arse wiper

Don’t cook for him. Don’t do his laundry. Do not do shit for him.
He wants lazy? He can do it his damn self.
You are doing just as much, if not more then he is. 2 kids, house work & school? That’s work.

Your husband is an ass… should’ve thrown the plates at him