I was diagnosed with genstational diabetes: What should I be eating?

I’m a first-time mom. I’m 28 weeks and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and I don’t quite understand what’s good and not. I haven’t been eating so much bc I’m scared that it’s going to cause more problems for my unborn child and me. Does anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks in advance.


You can pretty much eat anything you just have to watch your carb intake. I think I was allowed 60g for meals, with 3 meals a day. And then either 15g or 30g for snacks and allowed 2 snacks a day. I also had gestational diabetes with my second. I was terrified she was going to come out huge but she was 6lbs 12oz.

Sooo I had this as well… and it didn’t make any sense to me! I only had one time where my numbers were high-and I didn’t stop eating or drinking anything that I wasn’t already… I did do small snacks tho in between meals… sry no help but just trial and error… I guess

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Just watch your carbs and sugar. I have quit most dessert and limit bread,pasta, and rice

And when you check your sugar around 120 is normal after a meal.

See with your health insurance if they will cover you seeing a nutritionist, since you do have a diagnosis of gestational diabetes

I have gestinal diabeties at 33 weeks and had to cut back on sugars, breads, grain and soda also do you have to check your blood sugars?

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My ob referred me to a nutritionist, it helped so much. I was almost scared to eat but they explained everything so well and actually showed me with fake food what my portion sizes should be.


Low GI foods are good, I was told to check ingredients list and make sure sugar below 10g per 100g
I ended up on 4 needles per day with both my boys - it is doable and for me it actually made me eat better as I am a self confessed sweet tooth and generally have piggie tendencies :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: also with my 2nd he was born with low blood sugar so they took him while I was in recovery and gave him a little formula just to get his levels up - FYI
good luck with the rest of your pregnancy x

They have some really informative GD specific groups on fb. They really helped me when I was pregnant with my son.

It really depends on your personal health. I could basically only eat oven roasted turkey, tomatoes and cheddar cheese.

Did you get a referral to an Endo? If not, you should set that up with your primary care ASAP! Family drs aren’t equipped to deal with gestational diabetes.

Get a glucose meter, and strips. Test when you get up, before meals, 2h after meals and before bed. Keep a log and meal diary.

Generally carb limit for pregnant women is 45 per meals, and 15 per snacks. Although it can vary per person. Learn how to carb count. Portion control. You can have generally anything like bread, rice, potatoes, etc but have it with a protein so it doesn’t spike up your sugars. You are going to have to figure out what spikes your blood on your own. Everyone is different.

Drink tons of WATER! It helps lower blood sugar.

If you have to take insulin, it’s okay. Don’t be afraid. Remember that insulin doesn’t cross the placenta but high sugars do! High sugars is very dangerous for baby. Insulin has more pros than cons.

Also just have to add that not all diabetic mother’s have big babies. While it’s not a myth, it depends on the person. Like if they have blood sugar controlled. I did. My last baby was only 5lbs! :slightly_smiling_face:

I was labeled as gestational diabetic but misdiagnosed and am actually type one!


Your doctor should be able to refer you to a nutritionist. Or call your local WIC/planned parenting place and see if they can help

Something that I found helpful was cottage cheese if you like it with a little fruit

Only eat pumpernickel bread, lots of veggies and salads, protein, if I ate fruit I had to eat string cheese to balance it out , no cold cereal, lots of water, I only had high fasting sugars, when I ate bagels it would soar

Protein. All about portion control on healthy carbs.

Sodium. If I learned anything from the nutrition class I attended its not just that you eat so much sweets. Sometimes your body may not produce the insulin you need. Keep the sodium intake low. Try to stray away from the whites like pastas, rice, bread, flour potatoes.
Please do eat! Your baby needs food. Blessings!


After I ate no matter what I ate I would walk. I would walk kind of fast. I ended up losing weight no complication with gestational diabetes. Don’t drink soda keep it under control! Just eat small portions. Good luck!!

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Look at the carbs on your food…the sugars are already counted in the carb count…for every fiber you can take away a carb… most md will tell you to eat 40 to 60 carbs each meal…protein is great eat all you want of that to fill up. Water is helpful in keeping sugars lower as well. You have to watch fruits and vegetables by they have more carbs than what you think they are good for you wat them just regulate how much at one time. Just keep in mind baby gets sugars too and baby’s body has to work to filter and process just as your body does so high sugars can can cause higher weight baby but more serious stillbirth due to baby not being able to process sugars. So make sure you ask your provider all your questions don’t hesitate. Bany can store fat in belly and shoulders which can lead to emergency c section as well as baby won’t be able to fit through birth canal…
I ate cheeseburger along with all the fixing just no bun…lunch meat and cheese no bread or look into low carb wraps… taco salad with right amount of chips… chef salads…just.make sure you intake the proper amount of carbs per meals. Its a trial and error thing as well.

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I had it for both pregnancies, and for the first one I would see a nutritionist once a week, would come to my house and basically would raid my fridge. But one thing stuck with me - if its white it ain’t right (with the exception of some things). But this pregnancy I wasnt able to see the nutritionist bc of covid so I’m not sure it would be the same thing with you ? Doesnt hurt to try.

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