I was diagnosed with PCOS and have a fatty liver because of it: Advice?

So i was just diagnosed with PCOS and fatty liver because of it! Any of you moms out there dealing with this and how has it effected your life?


Been dealing with it for five years now. Make sure you exercise, eat low sugar meals and drink lots of water. Also talk to your doctor about metformin if you noticed it’s hard to lose weight

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I have that and with metformin I was able to loose weight, conceived my twins, and continue to live a normal life. Get with a doctor who fully understands PCOS for your best benefit.

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I have Pcos and endometriosis… infertility sucks

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You need to have a low carb low fat diet. Weight loss is the best way to minimize PCOS symptoms, and losing weight reduces a fatty liver. I have genetic PCOS, have been dealing with it since I was 12.

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It took me 2.5 years and 3 rounds of Clomid to get pregnant. Ive had it for 13 years (I’m 27)

I have both and was told weight loss will help both. lower carb diet with as much fiber as possible, the fiber helps with fatty liver. my endocrinologist said to go by net carbs not total carbs. Drink tons of water and try to exercise.

Low carb, reduced fat, and the help of an excellent doctor. I have PCOS, endometriosis, hypothyroidism and a few other issues. Was diagnosed with non alcoholic fatty liver, swollen so much it was painful for years but no doctors would listen to me, just said stop drinking so much (I don’t drink alcohol at all!) I pursued bariatric surgery after many, many failed diets when my health and mobility were declining and my surgeon was amazing! She put me on a very restrictive pre op diet and I lost about 80 lbs in 7 months. High protein, low carb, low fat, no fruit or refined oils, dairy, sugar, grain or alcohol. I had sleeve gastrectomy October of 2017, lost another 40 lbs, prediabetic status, my liver is now normal size, no more swelling legs or constant joint pain, and my endometriosis and PCOS symptoms are dramatically improved. Had baby #3 December 2018, put myself back on low carb this spring and I’m almost back in my prepregnancy size 4s. Bariatric surgery is an extreme choice and not right for everyone. It’s not a magic cure. All it does for me is limit my portions and stop the unending hunger. Low carb is the main thing that fixed my health and turned my life around. It’s hard to start but gets easier and it’s so worth it! It can be tricky figuring out what to eat so if anyone wants help feel free to message me :slight_smile:

Try to limit your gluten and lactose intake. Maintain a low carb diet. And don’t get discouraged, keep fighting for you

Dont use lupron. Will kill your pituitary gland. Among many other side effects they wont tell you about until it’s too late.

Wish I would’ve known all the above info you ladies have commented/ posted…

Yes have been for over 10 years an all u can do is manage ur weight an try an eat healthier. It’s hard tho

No PCOS. Fatty Liver Yes. Fatty Liver is reversible with weight loss, diet, exercise.