I was on birth control and didn't know I was pregnant: Could it harm the baby?

I am a married 22-year-old and already have two kids under three. I was on Tryphasils as contraceptives and was loyal to them for a month, ever since I started them I have been experiencing excruciating period Cramps especially when I make sudden movements. I then decided to take a pregnancy test, and it was positive. Now my question is, could the Tryphasils be harming the baby or slowly killing it?? I have since stopped the polls though


We’re not doctors you need to make an appointment with your primary doctor and ask these type of questions because none of us on here will truly know except a professional doctor.


Also recommend you look up the birth control you are on and type in pregnancy and see what the category level that will explain the harm to the fetus


Go to the doctor as soon as possible call them and tell them you need to be seen THIS WEEK or go to your ER if you feel like you cant wait


Def sounds like you need to talk to a Dr about this. Best of luck

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First of all … you are always supposed to use a back up the first month and it shouldn’t cause any issues. Happens all the time. Just quit taking it.


You definitely need to seek medical advice but, I will tell you that I’ve had that happen before ( yes, it’s been years and years ago) with no adverse effects. That being said, everyone is different with their own stories and opinions…prayers for you and your little one💜

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Definitely call your doctor, I’m sure you already know that. But women get pregnant everyday on birth control. I’m sure the baby will be fine! The pain you were feeling was probably round ligament pain. Good luck!

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Loyal to them for a month is not long. But definitely speak to your doctor.


I agree you need to go to the doctor ASAP. But, I will say my daughter got pregnant twice on birth control. Don’t know what kind or how long she took it after conceiving but, both her girls were perfectly heathy

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How it was explained to me is bc gives your body hormones similar to pregnancy so it does not harm the fetus. And cramping can be normal in the first trimester!

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I once had pain, especially when moving and went to dr and found out i was pregnant but it was ectopic (the egg implanted in my fallopian tube) and the pain was my tube rupturing. I’d get to the doctor ASAP. The best way i can explain how it felt was as if i was being stabbed. I hope this isnt what is happening but its always possible & can be life threatening.

A positive pregnancy test especially the home pee test doesn’t always mean pregnancy. Yes can be positive for other reasons. Best to go see a doctor to get a blood test done.

I took birth control pills for 4 months not realizing I was pregnant and it did not harm my baby girl at all

I would say stop taking the birth control until you are absolutely sure. Generally the first month of BC wouldn’t hurt the baby, but you definitely will need to follow up with your regular dr. :slight_smile: congratulations!!

I got pregnant on birth control! I was taking them for about 9 weeks before I found out I was pregnant! Baby turned out fine! And is now 12!

This happens all the time. Usually babies turn out okay when they are conceived on the pill, no harm done, but excruciating pain calls for a trip to the ER.

If it’s any help my mom was on birth control for the first 5 months of her pregnancy with me and losing weight. And I’m 23 :sweat_smile:

Nope ! Same here doctor says its 100 percent ok !!!

Just some extra hormones. No harm for baby especially because placenta has not fully implanted until about 6/7 week mark