I was told I am already going through pre-menopause: Advice?

I’m 27, and at my doctor’s appointment on Thursday, he told me that my estrogen level was only 27 and needed to be over 31. He said anything under 31 is pre-menopause. He also said to me that my ovaries were failing and said I need to see a fertility specialist. I’m very depressed. Who wants to hear that at just 27? I have a daughter who’s ten and have wanted to give her a sibling for so long. My boyfriend and I definitely feel the pressure of “now or never” for us having a kid. My question is he anyone else gone through this? Was it easy to get pregnant? I’m scared I missed my chance. How long is it before you fully transition into menopause?


I haven’t wealth with or heard anything like this, but I would get a second, even tjurd, opinion on this. Anything serious like this, it wouldn’t hurt to talk to another doctor as well. In my opinion…


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Yeah I’ve been told from the age of 14 that I would never have kids and then ten years later two right in a row.

I had this happen at about 26… They put me on regular hormones and not even a year later i was pregnant after like 2 years without a monthly… I fainted in the hospital when they told me I was pregnant… I now have two daughters at 34…

You are in perimenopause 2-10 yrs before menopause. I’m in it at a similar age and I got pregnant naturally.


I was told I was “mostly infertile” when I was almost 19. Fortunately for me it was very little of a stressor as I’d already decided I didn’t want biological children. But having the option taken away was scary. And early menopause is inevitable. My mom was diagnosed at 35 and died at 37 and she wasn’t in total menopause yet. So it could be a few years. It depends on you and treatment you receive.

Every woman is differant. Your body will change. Ask your dr. About hormone therapy.


Was you on depo before? Basically puts you on menopause and could take to give or take 7 yrs to get pregnant

I was on Depo got prego 6 months after I stopped it. Jennifer 24 Willow at Eugene Women’s Care is awesome for a second opinion.

I’ve been like this since I was 19, 35 now and had one son with the help of fertility meds and god! Headed into treatment again in May to try again. See a fertilty specialist to weigh your options.

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I issues with my hormone levels and went on to have 3 more kids with the help of fertility medication.

Check with another obgyn, it may be pcos.

You still have time before you hit full blown menopause. Look into getting hormone replacements and see if you can get preganat and carry a child with them giving you hormones. See if the doctors think that is an option. Talk to a fertility specialist. Even if you get preganat if you dont have the right hormones to carry then you may have a miscarriage. I would look into adoption now because it may be a while before you would be able to adopt if you can. If not then you could always foster young children.

Get a second opinion …

get a second opinion from a different doctor

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Yes, perimenopause is the the 6 to 8 years before you actually hit menopause.

I was told at 30 that I was there when I was desperately trying to have another child. My doctors were able to give me hormone replacements and I was able to conceive my healthy baby boy.

I’m still in the perimenopause bracket but I choose to prolong the side effects of menopause even though I’m not trying to conceive by taking hormones. Raising 2 littles while all that is going on takes a lot out of you mentally.

I am the complete opposite I had fertility treatment twice both times for one year in my 20s and no pg. Now at 50, my doc thinking I was starting menopause, took tests and the irony is now I am fertile as if I was in my 20s… I am stumped , to have a child now, I will be 70 or older when a child reaches 20. I say all this to say if you want another child see a fertility doc make sure your hormone levels are checked and also checked once you become pg to prevent pg lose from hormone issues. Sending hugs

I got my tubes tied at 22 …I was ready to hear the words.