I was told I was RH negative: Advice?

I’m pregnant with my first child and I am about 11 weeks, my OB/GYN’s office called and informed me I am Rh neg and that it can possibly cause my child to be anemic and I have been referred to Internal Fetal Medicine for further screening of this, is there anything anyone one here can tell me about this? I really don’t know anything about this and am stressing myself out thinking about it.


Im also rh negative now days its not that big of deal all i had to do was take a shot called rhogam at 28 weeks because my husband was positive i had 2 children with no problems for my children

I’m rh-. It’s not a big deal. You just have to have rogram shot I believe it’s called.


Pretty sure there’s a shot they give you that deals with that just in case your baby is Rh+


No big deal just have to get a shot in the booty for it I had to get one all 3 pregnancies… basically they told me if I didn’t get the shot my body could think the baby was something foreign like an infection or something and my body could attack the baby to try to rid my body of the foreign object but I got the shot and no problems with the baby or my body

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It’s no big deal. I’m rh-. They should give you a shot now and after you have the baby.


It’s is very very unlikely that with a first pregnancy your unborn baby will be affected at all by the RH - status .
Being rh- is not a big deal as long as you receive the rhogam injection at 28 weeks . Or with any episodes of vaginal bleeding before that . You absolutely do not need a referral to maternal fetal medicine


I wouldn’t let what they say bother you to much. I’m RH negative with four children. You’re supposed to get the rhogam shot before pregnancy (if planning), during and after.

It just means that to your cells the pregnancy is a virus. The cells will fight the pregnancy as protection to you. Yes it can cause anemia but also miscarriages. As long as you get the shot, it will confuse your cells again into thinking there is no virus.

It’ll be okay. No need to worry.


Yup it’s not a big deal around 28 weeks they will give you a Rhogam shot then after the baby the doctor will test the babies blood if the baby is + then they will just give you a second shot I am RH- and am having my 4th baby none my babies were born anemic and I never had any issues.

All being rh- means in that your blood type is incompatible with your unborn baby’s blood type if he/she was rh+ and somehow your body was exposed to the baby’s fetal blood cells . Rhogam takes care of this potential interaction


Rh negative blood is less common. They give you an injection during the pregnancy and after birth just in case the baby is Rh positive your body will not react to the baby’s blood if they accidently mix.

I DNT think it’s that serious I believe u jus get a shot I have 6 kids and my last pregnancy I was told I was Kell’s positive and that’s a serious problem if the baby dad is also postive which he is nt but I had a blood transfusion yrs ago after a miscarriage so that’s how I ended up even having that in my blood

My mom was RH-she had two children…no problem. She was always called to give blood for others. When she developed leukaemia at age 85, there did not seem to be a shortage of blood for her transfusions…

Im rh- and i have 4 kids got rogam shot so far into pregnancy then once you deliver if baby doesnt have your blood you’ll get the shot again but if baby has your blood then you wont.

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I’m Rh negative and like the others said I had to have a shot during my pregnancy and after because my son was rh positive

You have to get a rogram shot… Dont stress…


I have rh negative and didnt need any shots besides what was recommended. And noth my boys are healthy and no issues

There’s a shot you’re gonna need just like others have mentioned. It’s needed just in case your baby is RH+. Reason being, if your body detects or your blood mixes with babys, your body will create antibodies that will attack the fetus as a foriegn antigen (this is kind of like when your sick, and you get a fever because your body is fighting the infection). Well your body’s RH negative factor’s response to the fetus is like this. It treats the fetus like a foreign entity in the body and thinks it’s an infection. To prevent this from happening, you need the special shot. Without it, miscarriage is a possibility. Not trying to scare you, but alot of women miscarry because they find out too late. So I know alot of people are saying it’s not a big deal, but it real is if it goes unchecked.

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Nope only if any previous pregnancy’s and Sometimes fathers blood group I’m A Neg and require just more Blood tests during pregnancy google search Rhesus Factor

I am also rh negative i had my first child 51 years ago maybe two months after the shot was first developed. Had no problems with that birth nor my srcond one. Im sure things are alot better now 51 years later.