I was told my 3-month-old has bronchitis and there was nothing we can do about it: Advice?

I brought my three-month-old son to the doctors, and they told us he has bronchitis. Can anyone give me advice on what to do? They told me I can’t do anything about it but just to wait. I’m so worried about him and plan on staying up tonight to make sure he’s breathing okay. I’m a first-time mom. Thank you.


Don’t bundle him up in blankets. Being to warm isn’t good for the baby.

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Cold air is good to help the swelling go down. Bundle up (if cold out) and spend time outdoors. Remember to not keep baby too hot that will create coughing and discomfort. Keep the baby’s head elevated so nothing settles in his chest

Did they test him for RSV? If not, id visit my local childrens hospital and request he be swabbed and tested


Elevate/tilt his cot/basket so his head is slightly raised, vicks in hot water next to him or a vicks plug in is better

Have a humidifier going in his room, you can give the baby tea as well to help cough up mucus. Needs cool air to help open airways

Has he ever been tested for allergies?

Make sure he drinks plenty of fluids, try to keep him up right it might help ease his breathing a little bit and nose drops I’m not sure if hes old enough for those. Hopefully this will help and I hope he feels better soon

Second opinion, and everything else here in the meantime.

Are they just to Young for the medication? I remember always being given a prescription when I had it, some nearly cough syrp at the least

My daughter was given medicine in an oxygen mask and a puffer to bring home. Yes she was that young. I would be going back and demanding something for her.

They should have given u breathing treatments, and antibiotics right then and there. Take him back. Demand more. Praying for u mama!

Second opinion. They should have at least prescribed antibiotics to keep it from progressing to pneumonia.
He is however too young for any cough medicine, antihistamines, or even zarbees. Sorry…but that part is true.
Hot steam will help loosen the mucus and make it easier to cough up. You can give very gentle chest massage. Prop baby up right while he sleeps which will help him feel more comfortable.

When my boys were 3 months they had it as well they now have chronic bronchitis (they end up with yearly breathing treatments because of it (their first treatment was at 3 months)

Humidifier and Vick’s will help open up his airways. Down let him sleep laying down flat. And hylands cough and cold medicine helps too.

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I used a warm mist humidifier when my son was a baby. Put it in the nursery and close the door It helps them breathe easier.

Crub wedge for under the sheet to keep babies head slightly elevated and a cool mist humidifier :black_heart: my oldest got rsv at 3 months and we were lucky enough to be able to treat at home. Scary part was she never showed any signs, I went in to get my chest looked at and they swabbed her as a precaution.

Second opinion there is vicks for babies don’t use regular vicks it could burn the skin rub the vicks for babies on the feet and put socks on use a cool steam vaporizer if you can keep the babies head elevated

I took my baby to hospital a month ago and they said he had bronchiolitis (he was 2 months old) then to the dr and his dr said it was just a cold… suck his nose and use humidifier…

Humidifier you put a cap full of vicks on the top, and baby vicks on the bottom of the feet.

My first had it at the same age. Just becareful it can turn into pneumonia(hers did). Sitting in a steamy bathroom helps.

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