I was told my baby is measuring small : Advice?

Hi ladies. So I had an ultrasound today and I am 24wks. The tech said baby has all her feature’s, her heartbeat is good but she is measuring small for her size. I’m due March 28th, 2020. Have any of you ladies experienced this? She said they’ll keep an eye on her throughout the rest of the pregnancy. This is my 4th baby and I’ve never had any problems of this sort before.


Don’t stress it- at my 20 something week sono they told me my baby was measuring BIG. I didn’t have another sono after that until 36 weeks and now the baby is measuring 49% (slightly BELOW average) and I never stopped eating or doing my usual. It’s not always accurate

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All my babies were estimated like 2 weeks behind because of how small they were but they came out healthy and I thank God for that. I wouldn’t worry unless the doctor says something about the underweight issue. I’m pregnant now and I’m 20weeks my girl measured out as a 17 week old she’s healthy just small. I’m tiny and I’ve always had small kiddos. Blessings to you and your kiddos I’m pretty sure everything is going to be okay.

Their sizing definitely isn’t right they said my little girl was 7lb 14oz at 38 weeks I had her at 39 induced due to lack of movements and she was a tiny 6lb. Also want to say your due on my birthday… I’ll be think of you both :heart: xx

They said same thing about all 3 mine, all there were lower 6lbs when born and myboldest is 12 she is small for her age my youngest is 7 and gets mistaken for 5 alot… remember not to stress on it and just keep an eye on it

This is my 4th also and I was told she looked like she had a hole In her heart. so 5 weeks later, it closed up on it’s own. then they said she was measuring small. so i was senn every 3 weeks for that. here recently I’ve been seen once a week…I’m due December 28th. she’s measuring just fine but doctor may induce me in a week and a half due to my blood pressure fluctuations. all my babies have been 5 or 6 lbs. 6lbs 4oz, 5lbs 11oz, 6lbs 13oz. So they were all small anyways…

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Dont stress!!! They told me my baby had really short legs. She’s 8 months now and his been in the 99th percentile for her height since she was BORN! Lol

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I was told I would have a smaller than average baby and my baby ended up being 10lbs. So I wouldn’t worry about it

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My son did. He was just small :woman_shrugging:

I was told my first child was small all the up till I had her. Then the day I was induced for medical reasons I was told she would be under 4lbs, she came out at 5lbs and 7oz

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Said the same to me, That he was measuring small so I had to go in twice a week to get him monitored. I’m only 5’1 so I’m glad I wasn’t carrying a big baby. Ultrasounds can be off by 2 pounds either over or under… they Wanted him to move a lot during the monitoring when he was a super chill kid. They induced me cause they said it’s better to have him gain weight outside. My “4 pound” baby was 6 pounds and healthy.

I was told i would be lucky if she weighed 5lbs and she was 6 10oz

My 4th was small when born at 5lbs 15oz 38 weeks 4 days. He gained so much better outside the womb and is bigger than his brother(who was born bigger and at 36 weeks) was at every age and milestone after 1 month on. You’d never know now! Sometimes w subsequent pregnancies they get smaller rather than bigger but if they’re developing well they will do just fine once born!

I’m due March 28th too. :slight_smile:
Try to keep in mind that their measurements are estimates. Though technology is amazing, it isn’t always accurate.
Baby still has plenty of time to grow and “catch up”.
Both my girls measured big (9-10 lbs) but both came out under 8.


My friend with both her kids measured very small she had her 1st naturally and 2nd induced they were both early but super healthy babies they wereent born super early n as long as there is nothing medically wrong I think u have nothing to worry about. I wish I was more helpful my 1st born was measuring 2 weeks ahead n my 2nd measure 4 weeks ahead. Like I said as long as there are no other issues I’m sure everything will be just fine! Good luck mama!

Throu my whole pregnancy with my daughter the ultrasound techs always questioned me when I was due because she measured small… She was born almost a month early at 4 lbs 8 oz and healthy as could be. Don’t stress it those are not always completely accurate either.

Both my babies measured small. My first was a week overdue and only 5lbs, 10oz. My 2nd one was 5 weeks early and only 4lbs 3oz. We just have small babies because we aren’t huge people ourselves.
Don’t stress about it until baby is here. Remember they are comparing to the average size of baby at that many weeks. As long as you are eating, taking your prenatal vitamins, and taking care of yourself there’s not much to worry about. Good luck.

Yep. My first was like this and I had to be induced. Came out healthy as a whistle, just not fat. 4lb 8oz. Everything was fine and went home two days later. She’s thriving now. Son is measuring small now too but I’m honestly not worried. Some people just have small babies and some people have gargantuan babies. Shit happens

I was told I was having a larger baby at least 8 lbs at 38 weeks …two days later I gave birth to a HEALTHY 4lb 1 oz baby girl. Wayyyyyy off!


Nothing to worry about. My boy measured small my entire pregnancy… he kept measuring 2-3 weeks smaller… he came out as 6lbs 5oz a week before due date.