I was told my baby may have trisomy 21: Advice?

I did the Panorama Blood screen at 13 weeks; it came back high risk for trisomy 21 (9/10). Has anyone else had this done, and the baby, in fact, did have trisomy 21? Background I’m 28 and now 26 weeks pregnant. Thank you!!


I didn’t have the Panorama but my son has DS. You may be scared now but it will be okay if your baby does have it. My son is the best thing to ever happen to me. You can get a better answer to your question by joining a DS mom’s group. I like Down Syndrome, Support for Mommies the best. Search it on FB.


They can check in an ultrasound for signs of Down syndrome. It should have been done at your 20 week anatomy scan. If they said your scan was normal then I would think the chances of your baby actually having Down syndrome are much lower.

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The other side of this is with my son he was high risk for DS, had extra scans etc but once he was born he was born without DS but my next pregnancy with my daughter, hers came back low risk and she does actually in fact have DS.

All I can say is I know you will be scared, but honestly my daughter is the most amazing little girl and the best thing that happened to me :blush: there is a lot of support out there, I hope you find the answers you are looking for and I wish you all the best x


No matter what, everything will be okay mama. I know the unknown is scary!


I was told my son had down syndrome and he was born completely fine and is 26 years old now…

My cousin also had that test and was told the same. She panicked her whole pregnancy! Did research and all that and he was born perfectly fine! I have been told by even my doc those tests are not 100% accurate. I refused it with mine bc I knw I’m a worry wart and I was not about to stress my whole pregnancy for nothing! Stay positive, there is a very good chance everything is completely normal!

My son tested positive as well. Did they not immidiatly run the test again? They told me there are alot of false positives.

I never took one because I knew I would keep the baby regardless. I didn’t want the added stress during pregnancy. I was told during my 3rd pregnancy based on ultrasound my daughter had a “smaller than normal head and wider than normal neck that was indicative of DS”. She was born 3 weeks early, and is perfectly fine 14 years later.

Don’t over think. Prepare, but don’t get overly worked up until you know for sure. I know easier said than done.


People that say they didn’t have the test because they wouldn’t do anything different… my friend was the reason I did do testing. Her son had spina bifida and they told her that since they knew ahead of time, they did a c section to prevent stress from the birth canal. That’s why I did the testing, so my babies could be delivered the safest way possible for their condition. :two_hearts::heart:


My son has Down syndrome and was a prenatal diagnosis. There are lots of support groups on FB that have been super helpful for me. Or if you prefer, message me directly if you prefer a smaller audience. My son just turned 3. :purple_heart:


I have a 1st cousin who has Down syndrome, he is a 10 months older than my brother. When my mom was pregnant they had her get the test done due to having. A close relative having Down syndrome, so she had the test done they told her it showed my brother had Down syndrome as well. Along with not being a certain gender. He was born with no abnormalities.


I’ve never had any of the genetic testing. I was told with my last son that he did have markers for downs from my ultrasound but he came out without it. He did have other birth defects, but one corrected itself and he had surgery for the other at 3 days old

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Precious… They are true gifts from God. My son will be 15 next year and he has Down Syndrome and I wouldn’t change anything about him. He has made me a better person and for that I’m forever grateful


While not a personal experience, I’ve known a few people to have the same thing show in their test and the baby was born without it :thinking: I declined the test because it didn’t matter to me regardless and I didn’t want to hear them suggest to terminate the pregnancy for a “it could have a problem” like the other people I know had happen


My son is Trisomy 21, he is wonderful, however I understand that we are lucky he had almost 0 health issues and is “high functioning”.
As with everything, there is a spectrum. Do research and do what you feel is best.

I never took this test because it didn’t matter to me! I have heard horror stories about it coming back positive and actually being negative when the baby is actually born!


With my 1st born i was told he would have it. He in fact did not have it but was born with agenesis of the corpus callosum. (Brain defect) and that he would most likely be in a vegetative state. Thankful to God you can’t even tell my son has anything. Does have a learning delay but nothing else. Smart and loving kid. Have faith. Prayers


I had the rest done and we were high risk t13 and t18. The most severe of the trisomies. We went for 4d scans and carried on the pregnancy. The only marker baby had showing was her heart wasnt formed right. We said it was in babies hands and carried on until I was induced at 39 weeks. She arrived after one hell of a labour and a stay in hospital regarding her heart issues. We got genetics results back 4 weeks ago. Shes all clear :heart: we were exceptionally high risk like 3 in 10 chance and she came out and defied all the odds x we are just preparing for open heart surgery once she’s a bit bigger. Don’t loose hope mamma. I know exactly how you fe except t21 gets a lot more support than t13 or t18. Just stick by what you feel is right don’t let anyone bully you into doing anything you don’t want too and also you don’t have to have the amniocentesis done early on it can be don’t right at the end of pregnancy. I spoke to my very first midwife when we got our high results back and she said something that stuck with me. Will the results of the amnio make any difference to if you carry on with the pregnancy or not, if not then why risk the chance of miscarriage by having the amnio done. We actually didn’t have the amnio done at all until baby was born. Good luck :four_leaf_clover::heart:

My test was opposite…tested low risk for Down Syndrome and when my daughter was born she did actually have Down Syndrome! It was a shock but honestly couldn’t have done anything different! My daughter is about to be 15 and with many bumps in the road she is a healthy and happy girl!