I watch my relatives kids and feel like I am being taken advantage of: Advice?

I need advice!! I currently watch relatives’ two children with another on the way! I love them dearly, but I’m starting to feel like I’m being taken advantage of. I work about 30 hours a week, sometimes more. I clean the house, feed them, ECT. I receive $400 a month, and when you break it down, it’s less than $4 an hour. I’ve had to turn down job offers because the schedule conflicts with watching the kids. I intend to get an evening job, but they aren’t always home by five, making things very difficult to do so. My question is, what would y’all do? Would you ask for more money or let them know you can no longer do it? Once the third baby gets here, the workload will double, and the pay is already not worth it. Help me, lol.


That’s slave wages…

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More money and guaranteed time for them to be home so you can get a job that you want as well

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My aunt would watch my two children when they were little. I would call the daycare and ask what the going rate would be according to my work schedule. I would pay her that amount. My aunt never had to clean my house, etc. So, definitely they need to pay you more.


j would request more money now and again when the baby arrives…when I help friends or family I charge $25 a day per kid at my home

If you can’t pay your bills with the amount they are paying you then you’re going to need to sit down and talk to them. If you can’t provide for yourself it’s not selfish to take action and do something about it. You need to care of yourself first before you can take care of anyone else. Daycare is very expensive and you’re helping them out immensely. I paid $500 a month for just 1 child. I used to let everyone take advantage of me. I learned that leads to resentment and bitterness. I had to learn to speak up for myself. It will be ok. Be strong.


That’s crazy take the next job you are offered once it’s a good fit for you… or ask for a proper wage 3 kids plus housework you would want at least 75-100 per day


That’s no good. My scedual was all over the place and I would use my daycare lady 4 days a week. 10 hr days I paid 240 a week. She charged me 6$ a hr.

You’re watching 2 kids, 30hours a week, for $400 a month??? That’s terrible. I have friends who were watching 2 kids and they were getting $600 a week! Your relatives are saving a fortune by having you watch the kids instead of sending them to daycare. PLUS you clean the house. I’m sure you love the kids, and you’re being a great family member watching them for a cheap rate, but you can’t survive off of that.
Talk to them first, let them know that you can’t afford working this many hours with such little pay, like you said, there’s another baby on the way, which comes with a lot more work. If they can’t afford to pay you more, let them know you’re sorry, but you’ll have to start looking for a different job. Good luck!


I would tell them that you need more money especially when the baby comes. And if not then you cant watch them anymore cause you have to find something that pays more.

I was watching my niece 4 days a week from 8am til 5pm and got $260 a month…they took advantage of me and complained about making it $300 a month so I stopped watching her…they both work and make good money so I figured they can afford a little more and they complained so bye


My babysitter charges $2.50 per hour. But we’re in Iowa!!


Sorry but that’s a joke. At the end of the day they aren’t your children or responsibility. The parents are the ones who should be working their lives and jobs around THEIR kids. Not you!
If they were to pay a “non relative” do you think that they would get away paying so little!?
Definitely up your price and if you want to get a job then get one! The parents will just have to deal with it. You have to put yourself first :slight_smile:


Tell them you cant watch them anymore. You dont owe them.

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I mean it all depends on how u feel. My sister lives with me and helps with bills some…but I do have her daughter five nights a week while she works. My mother owns the home so there’s no rent. I want my sister to save as much money as she can so I wouldn’t expect her to pay. Although on the few occasions she went out socially she offered money.

tough one :frowning: im thinking what i would do hmmmmm :confused:

Tell them you got a different job and you can’t do it ahymore

Do what YOU need to do. Don’t live for other people

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I think you know your answer. You just need to stick up for yourself and say I’m sorry I need more money or just be done!

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Tell them you need more money or you will have to find a new job. And they will need to find a new sitter. For three kids they would be paying double that at a real daycare. Stand your ground. If they don’t want to lose you they will pay you more!!