I would like to be a surrogate for my friends: How can I tell them?

I would love to be a surrogate for someone. I have had a successful pregnancy with my daughter and enjoyed being pregnant. I have a couple that is old friends in mind who are having fertility issues. I’m not sure how to approach them about offering this “gift” to them. I don’t want it to sound like I don’t believe they can conceive on their own or be discouraging in any way. I would like just to let them know I would be willing to carry for them if they decided they’d like to go that route. I’m open to doing this for someone else but would really like to give these friends “first refusal rights” if that makes sense. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


How beautiful. Good luck x

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I’d just offer it outright to them. I think it’s a lovely and very selfless thing to do hun! Xx


Just tell them.
If you guys ever decide to look into surrogacy, I would be willing to be your surrogate.

Ps. I have been a surrogate. It was the most wonderful thing I’ve done :heart:


Just tell them that you hope they can conceive on their own, but if they ever need a surrogate that you’d be willing to help.

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My sister seems to think she may not be able to get pregnant so I told her if she would like, I will surrogate for her if she wants n it actually made her feel better about the situation

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Just invite them to dinner and tell them your proposition
Let them go home and wait for them to talk it over
Thier egg their sperm?
100% their baby?

Offer just how you said, you “would be willing to be a gestational carrier for them if they wish to pursue that option”. I’ve had 2 friends be surrogates and it is a very selfless and giving act. God bless you!


I’d do it under those terms

From what I know is that you need to be certain you do not want any more children of your own. Other than that… What a beautiful gift xx. Just let your friends know if they ever want to go down that path than you are willing to help them out.

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I told my best friend(my sons god mother) I would do the same. They are currently trying out all their options first. But she knows I would be there if needed.

I’d just say hey if you ever need a surrogate I would love to do it for you.

Just ask worst they’re going to say is no, and I’m sure that you being great friends with them they’ll see that your heart is in the right place

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Say what you just wrote here.

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No advice really I just wanna say you have a beautiful soul


Just like you told us,sweetly

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Wow. Your a great person!!! Just tell them what you told us! :heart:


I would just tell them if they want, I am willing. Nothing else needs to be said. I wouldnt try to explain or anything. Just that you are willing.

I would tell them as I did for my cousin, I know you are trying in everyway to conceive your child if at anytime you want a different choice I’d be will to be a surrogate for you. You dont have to take this opportunity until you are ready but I’m here for you, you’d make great parents


What a kind and loving gift and blessing.