I would never cheat but I fantasize about my husbands friend: Is that wrong?

This is going to sound like a soap opera to some I am sure, but I am completely attracted to my husbands friend. Good lord I want to climb that man like a kitten climbs a Christmas tree. So many problems here. I am married. He is 12 years younger than me. And I would NEVER cheat! But good grief, how can I make this feeling go away? I even masturbate to him, fantasized about him…wtf is wrong with me


I know laughing is the reaction you where looking for BUT I AM ROLLING RN


Girl, that is HEALTHY
Don’t ever let your husband low how you feel about the friend
But totally masterbate away :wink: happy drumming


I look at it like this: would you be comfortable if your husband fantasized about one of your friends and touched himself to the thought of her? That should be enough to make you really think about wanting to stop. Unless you don’t care if he does any of that, then I guess it’s whatever :joy::woman_shrugging:t3:


In my honest opinion, there’s nothing wrong with you! The only way it becomes wrong is if you actually act on it and cheat. Every girl deserves a little fantasy every now and then! Some picture Kit Harrington (yum!) others, people in their real life!


I can’t say anything. With my 1st marriage it was a similar situation but he was my boss. It only happened because my husband at the time (divorced now) was abusive and controlling and this guy wasn’t (at work he wasn’t) nothing happened between me and my boss, but its normal, especially in a situation like i was in.

How would you feel if it were the other way around? Genuine question. Not judging you, just curious.


I think if I were you I’d just keep it to yourself and your dreams… no need to tell anyone :joy:


That’s why it’s called a fantasy. Honestly if you weren’t having them then I’d worry. I guarantee your hubby has lots of them. Just relax and enjoy it. Just don’t act upon it besides masterbation.


This made me laugh. I won’t lie. But maybe you should step back and take a hard look at your own husband. Remind yourself of why you married him. Rekindle the flame with him. If you become more involved with your husband, maybe these feelings for another man will go away? But Also, it’s human nature to be attracted to other humans. Completely normal.


Lol… totally normal.

It’s fine as long as you don’t act on it.

You’re married not dead, LOL


It’s wrong and you will end up crossing the line


I don’t even know. I think all my husbands friends are ugly. :joy:


Its total normal, just don’t act out on that fantasy.

Lord and then people say this is wrong like they haven’t had FANTASIES!!! Damned if you do, damned if you don’t… no it’s not wrong as long as your ok with the idea that your husband has fantasies about other women… even if your not, he probably still does so just keep it to yourself and be a faithful wife. It’s not hurting anyone then.

You should just keep it to yourself and dont act on it.

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Nothing wrong with window shopping. You can look, but don’t try it on. Not been in that situation, but I dont think I would tell hubby. It would more than likely make him worry over something that will never happen.


Honestly. I would step back and think how you would feel if your husband was attracted to another woman who wasn’t you? Him thinking of her instead of you…

I have crushes on celebrities because I know I would NEVER be able to see them or do anything. But my man is my man. I feel when you are attracted to someone who is close to you or him it’s more inticing and you may end up going further than wanted.