If I add my childs father to her birth certificate will they go after child support?

Long story short, my daughter’s father recently came into her life a year ago when she was 3. He is not on her Birth Certificate. I plan on adding him to it somewhere down the line, & was wanting to know if I did, would they go after him for back child support? I have not filed and don’t plan on doing so. He helps out in other ways. I’m also on government assistance. I don’t want them to go after child support if I can help it. Tia

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Yes, they can go after him for child support. You can also get in trouble for not being honest about who the father is when you applied for government assistance

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If you are getting cash they will make you go open a case. But they will have him take a DNA test first whenever you open up a child support case.

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If his name is on the birth certificate welfare will go after him n u have no say on that


Usually when you are on any type of assistance they will want to know who the father is and will more than likely want you to corporate to get child support from him. If you don’t corporate they will not allow you or your child to continue to receive benefits. You can however agree to an amount with the father of your child.


Depending on the state if you and her both get state assistance they will. But if you tell them you and him have an agreement on him helping or giving you money for her they might not but they will probably have him pay for her birth if you had Medicaid when you had her .

I think they pursue child support if you get medical assistance.

Yeah probably. That’s the law in most places I think

If you are getting government assistance they typically go after the dad. Which sucks for those that do it as they should willingly.

If you’re on assistance and you add him to the birth certificate then they may go after him for support which may include back support. If you add him to the birth certificate, then you need to strongly consider getting a legal custody agreement because you will need something legal to protect you if he decides to not give your daughter back after visiting her.

In Michigan absolutely yes just leave it how it is

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DNA will be done before child support.

If you are on Medicaid yes they will

Yes, they feel he is responsible and with child support you may not qualify for assistance

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No, they don’t. I went through it personally. I still had to file for child support if I wanted it after getting his name on it.

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I live in Iowa and when my son was born we were on medicaid and didn’t know who his father was. The state stepped in for child support when I applied for cash assistance(FIP).

Why would you rather be on assistance than have him pay child support? You do realize that assistance comes from other people paying taxes, right? Come on!! If you need more that he can pay, that’s one thing but to give him a pass to skip out all together…geez. His child, his responsibility.


If you get any government assistance besides food stamps yes they will go after him for support.


In Indiana, they will only go after him for child support if you are receiving Tanf/Cash Assistance or if you pursue child support. They won’t go after him if you or your children are on Food Stamps or Medicaid.

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Not to be a jerk BUT you definitely shouldn’t be rejecting child support for the sake of getting government assistance. I should pay for your kid but your kids father shouldnt??