If you are a single parent, how did you cope?

How did the single parents of this group deal with the other half walking away and not wanting anything do with the child and what would you do if they still had a vehicle that you purchased and stopped making payments on it to further cause issues in your life?

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Report the car stolen if it’s in your name


Focus on the kid and don’t worry about the other parent. The kids notice who’s there and who isn’t.


Had this happen to me.
Take the car back and sell it. That’s the only option to not deal with repossessions or bankruptcy.

And being a single parent is way easier than dealing with another’s BS.


If they are paying off the car then just change the name some times being the only parent around is better than having both

It was hard for me at first but once I realized babys dad being gone was actually PEACEFUL I knew…ok its not worth her being around dysfunction. Plus I’d rather some shit head be gone and stay gone rather than show my daughter that sticking around for the bullshit is OK. I dont ever want my baby thinking that’s how relationships work or for her to be disrespected and cool with that. Not in this house! And report that car stolen or call the financing company and see what options you have.

The car thing is going to be a hard one as he has possession of it. Just because you are paying it, just because payments are in your name it doesnt mean it’s yours. Its a civil matter, the cops won’t do anything. He hasn’t stole it if hes been using it for ages etc

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My mom had a bf that had a truck that he owed payments on it n they got into it n split she called the car place n told em he was leaving state n they came got the car. But I’d c about a lawyer

You do what you have to do for your kids. It’s hard but eventually you’ll realize anyone who can leave you and your child isn’t worth having! And if the car is in your name then call the cops. You can definitely have something done about it!!!

I hope the car is in your name! I’m pretty sure you can get it back if so but it just depends on how the law enforcement will take it, but do seek an attorney. As for single parent, you don’t need him. I’ve been a single parent since my child’s birth and although it’s hard, you don’t feel the burden of having to deal with your ex-significant other’s actions burdening on you. You’re doing great and just continue to be the best parent to your child cause that’s all that matters at the end of the day

If the car is in your name, report it stolen because it is. The cops will assist you in getting it back. If it is registered in his name with the lease/loan in yours, you can try contacting the company and seeing if you can change the name on the agreement, but it would be unlikely. Otherwise, your only option is to go to court and sue for the amount of the payments you’ve had to make on the car. If you struggle financially, you should contact legal aid for assistance.

My daughter is 10 now. Long story short he was abusive physically and mentally. I was scared of him and he never once did anything for his daughter he was told her never have. I left him when she was 14 months old. He uses her as a sob story. I was scared to be a single mom. Best thing I ever did. Yes it’s not easy but your kid will thank you one day. 9 years later he has a new baby and life. Doesn’t attempt to contact her ever. I pray his son has the dad he deserves :pray:.

Then again with my now 5 year old son. Dad in army. I’ve known him for a long time. Found out He used me. Got me pregnant then disappeared. Blocked me on FB. people randomly pester him still calling his BS out. Harder with 2 kids alone. But I am the strongest woman any of my friends know.

As for the car it depends who’s name it’s in. They pay. If not then I would try to get a new ride or talk to to whoever you pay and explain the situation


my current situation is proof. Almost a year ago I lost everything with 3 kids in my car. Came to stay in my car or live in a basement. I took a roof for my kids. And after working my ass off I officially bought my first house yesterday

If it is under your name and you all are not married you have every right to go pick it up. If he doesnt want to give it to you nicely call the police and show them the title or buyers paperwork with your name and not his. He cannot keep a car that is not his. If you really want you can also call the company agency of the car and turn it back in and give them his residence so they can go pick it up and cut your loses . Dont let him keep it.


On the car have the car company go and get it . Or if it’s your name take the police with you to get it . And if he dont want anything do with kid(s) that’s his lost .

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Let them walk away from the child it’s not worth the fight their lose the child will see later who was there and who wasn’t and you call a towing company get it picked up from their house and either return it to the company or keep it and continue payments if their name it not on the contract

Call car dealer, they pick it up. You have to know address!

I’m a single mum and honestly it’s the best thing my ex walked away after planning the pregnancy as soon as I told him I was pregnant he told me he trapped me and had been cheating on me for months she aborted her baby with him and I stayed but a week later he left saying I was unattractive and ugly and going to be a trash mum . Life’s better my son is amazing and now I have a partner who loves our son a hundred million percent :slightly_smiling_face: happy ending xx


I’m a single mum. I dealt with it by having a good cry (well…a few of them) and then getting my shit together and working hard and saving and giving my kids the best life I possibly can.

I just realized that I have to be strong for my son and give him all the love and support I can. His dad bailed when I was 6 months pregnant and now he’s almost a month old. I just remind myself I gotta soldier on for my little boy and that his dads the one missing out and will have to live with that regret. It’s hard being both mommy and daddy but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. :blue_heart:


We were 17 and he left when she was 6 months old. He never saw her again and she is now a married 28 year old Nurse. I won’t tell you it is easy emotionally on you or your child but you can recover. I am married and we now have twin 4 year old boys and our last son is due in August. It took me 24 years to trust and love another person enough to have more children but I couldn’t be happier. I focused on my career, education and providing her with the best life I could. I joined the Military to provide opportunities for myself and for her. I worked out and spent as much time as possible with her. I never talked bad about him and I always left the door open for him to be apart of her life. I told him he could step into her life but not to step out again, of course that didn’t happen. I encouraged her to talk about it and gave her the best male role models I could. I focused on boosting her self esteem so she knew his decision wasn’t because of her. I hope this helps and God Bless​:kissing_heart::heart::pray:t4:

Also, report the car stolen. Kindness doesn’t mean he can put you and your child in more hardship.

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