If you are not trick or treating, what fun things are you doing with your kids?

For those who are not doing the traditional Trick or Treating, can you share what kind of fun things you are planning to do with your little ones? We will be staying home, and I am trying to come up with ideas of fun things to do throughout the day.


Look at ideas on Pinterest

I’m doing a Halloween party for my son. Mostly baking throughout the day. And that night watching Halloween movies. I do plan on making him a Halloween basket with his favorite candies and maybe a blanket some toys.

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I want to take to them to the store and have them pick out a few bags of candy (all the stuff they like without having to sift through what they don’t like!) and then hide it around the house, turn the lights out, light some candles, give them flashlights and play silly halloween music while they look for it. Then watch “spooky” movies when they are done while they eat the candy. When I was a kid, we weren’t allowed to “celebrate” Halloween - so we would cover all the windows and eat popcorn and play board games all night.


We’re going to make pinatas!
Last year we bought one since it rained ALL day! We still enjoyed ourselves!

We are doing a non contact trunk or treat for family and close friends

We turned our house into a haunted house. The kids peeled grapes for eye balls, spaghetti for intestines, played haunting music then invited our neighbor (1) person to come over. The fun was all in the prep!

We are still attending a party Friday, and trick or treating and having a party Saturday. We are proceeding just like normal. No reason not to


I saw someone on my Facebook said they are going to do a trick or treat hunt at night fill up candy bags with glowsticks for there kids to find thought that was cute

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A haunted Halloween hunt.

It was already a tradition to watch a spooky movie for us (usually after trick or treating while they are their candy.) But I plan on carving pumpkins, roasting marshmallows, and I was thinking of replacing the full on costume with face paint (maybe like sugar skulls). We also build a Day of the Dead altar, and on the day after Halloween we go visit gravesites of family member, bring them flowers, clean the area around the grave, ect. Can’t decide if I’ll buy a bunch of candy or bake a bunch of sweets together.

My in-law and I decided to get our girls together (maximum 5 people there and we’re always together) to have a little halloween party for them

We are going to Six Flags.

I am going to do a Halloween scavenger hunt for candy. Then we are all going to watch Halloween movies in costumes!


Use orange and black candy filled eggs or pumpkins and have a Halloween egg hunt.


We atr doing a trunk or treat setting up food in the drive way games through the side and around back to the other side of the house where a ghost walk to zombieland aka the front yard where it will be set up as a cemetary with chairs for candy… im inviting peolle we know and foklowing cdc guidlines took me about a month to plan n iron things out no permits no public announcemenys just word of mouth all food will have wrappers for minimal touching hand sanitizer n gloves provided masks recommended etc games will b hosted by the the parents 1 family per game at a time or be asked to leave sort of thing

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Bbq, party, outdoor movie and leaving out candy on our fence with a big sign for kids that still show up.

Scavenger candy hunt. The Halloween tree by ray brabury themed Halloween party including turning our tree into A Halloween tree. Making Halloween crafts and treats. Halloween games. pumpkin carving. making Gravestones for our Haunted graveyard Halloween movies

just a few things we are doing

We are doing a piñata and dressing up. Scary movies, hot chocolate, smore. Board games ect.

I’m trying to come up with an alternative for if beggars night gets cancelled like I’m pretty sure it’s going to. I know we are going to get costumes and dress up regardless. Depending on the weather that day we might go out and walk the neighborhood anyways just to walk and we’re going to buy candy but other than that I’m not sure.