If you are pregnant, are you getting the COVID vaccine?

I am wondering if any mothers who are currently pregnant have received either of the covid vaccines? What side effects are there? and has anyone had any risks to their unborn baby?


No I am not getting it while I am pregnant, they have no research on the effects it can have on pregnant woman or even the baby. OBs have been telling Woman not to get it while pregnant. To many uncertainties to take the risk with my baby.


They won’t even give the vaccine to children so why should you give it to yourself with your unborn baby :woman_shrugging: just saying I wouldn’t… won’t even take tylenol when pregnant


Don’t do it!!! It’s not tested on pregnant women. Research your vaccines.


Your Obgyn will direct you.
Unfortunately there’s some people with underlying health conditions that they’re telling to get the vaccine since the risks associated with it are a better option than what can happen if you get covid.
Your health background and any underlying conditions should be discussed with your doctor so the both of you can make the best decision.


No, I have read several stories where a pregnant woman loses the baby within days of getting the vaccine. It’s not tested on pregnant women either so they have no clue of any consequences.


I wouldn’t…ever. better safe than sorry when it comes to the baby, and you never know what side effects could come out.


When I had the Pfizer one I was asked multiple times if I could be pregnant. In the uk I don’t think they are giving it to pregnant people

My sons step mother has gotten both sets of the moderna shot and her ob actually told her it would be ok. It’s been a month now since her 2nd dose and she is doing great! She is 6 months pregnant


No way. Has it even been out long enough to see what effects is has on a baby? I wont be getting it while pregnant or after.


They are just now doing testing to see if it is safe for those who are pregnant. As of right now, they recommend you do not get it if you are pregnant.


One of the many reasons I would never. I’m sure there will be some people who say that there’s no way to prove her miscarriage occurred because of the shot. That’s fine, but in my opinion, if there was even a .01% chance of this causing something to happen to my unborn baby- it’s a no from me.


Nope… No studies have been done on pregnant women with it…


Nope, I have not and will not. My OBGYN hasn’t even even brought up getting the vaccine to me, which I am fine about!


20 weeks pregnant and it’s a no for me. I also had the virus in October literally right before I got pregnant so I’m hopeful immunities will last a while anyways


No. There are zero studies and the cdc does not recommend it.

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I was told that its ok to get it by my ob. I opted out though

I’m 14.5 weeks and I will be waiting. I do plan on getting it after I establish a milk supply so I can bottle feed my babe in case I do have a reaction to the vaccine.

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Nope… I’m due im April.

I see a maternal specialist because I am high risk and he said absolutely not. The benefits don’t outweigh the risk since Covid recovery rate is so high. Also that the vaccine is so new and untested that he doesn’t believe it’s worth the risk.