If you are pregnant, are you getting the COVID vaccine?

I will not . We are isolated from everyone any way . Can only hope we get nothing at delivery . Then we won’t see nobody . But eventually when merging back into society of course

14 weeks today and my ob said its no that they have not done enough tests to make sure it ok for me and my baby

Nope. Not me or my kids will be getting it.

Absolutely not. 0 research on this.

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No, I will be 20 weeks on Thursday and I will not be getting it

I would not and will not!

I will not. I personally believe there hasn’t been enough time or study done on it and the long term effects it could possibly have on my baby… So I’ll wait :woman_shrugging:

I’m 27 weeks and my ob recommended it even though they are absolutely no studies. I told my husband that night and he said since I’ve made it this far that I will not be getting the vaccine. Nobody in my house nor as any close family members we know of even gotten Covid either

Nope I’m due in 24 days

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Due in June- absolutely not.


Due in may and I’m not

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Nope and none of the others either!

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Here’s the upside: getting the vaccine will give the newborn some immunity that she wouldn’t otherwise have. If you work in a high risk profession or your family members due it makes sense.


It’s causing EXTREME side effects in healthy strong people, so Lord knows what it can do to an unborn baby who doesn’t have an immune system yet, or a pregnant woman who’s immune system is already down


I would listen to people who studied and went to school for 7+ years to give medical advice other than someone “who did their research”


Got mine no problems :blush:


Follow the science and not the highly paid scientists. Follow the medical facts and not the highly paid doctor.

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Nope, I’m almost 14 weeks and I’m not going to risk something happen to me or my baby.


I never even thought about getting mine because I didn’t know I was able to. Until someone called me and asked me if I wanted it. Gave it some thought… I’m due April 4th. I decided I’m not getting it. I have no idea what it’s going to do to me let alone my baby. So no… I’m not. But it’s all about how you feel.


You dont even know whats in the vaccine! Wake the hell up people! It was developed in less than a year! We know nothing about it!!! Why risk yourself, let alone your unborn baby!? Use your head!