If you co-sleep, how do you make time for your SO?

Any parents cosleep? How do you make time with you SO in the bedroom when baby sleeps in your bed for naps and night time?


Go have sex on the couch , if you’re really looking for options they’re all over . You just have to work for it


We live with my mil so when she goes to run an errand we ask if our daughter can go too cause she just loves her nana so much. :joy::joy: Or when shes napping there’s the shower. When nanas out of town the living room. :grimacing: An other times we just wait till she falls asleep. Put her in her own bed and let her come back n stay when she wakes up in the night.

Put the baby in its own bed. Cosleeping does not help the child.


Bathroom, kitchen, couch. Anywhere really. As long as you keep the intimacy alive it doesn’t matter where you guys do it. I co sleep with my son, husband ends up on the couch at night so when I put him down I make sure to go to the livingroom and spend time with him even if nothing happens

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Are comments turned off

Just move to the bottom of bed obviously when baby asleep…sneak out the bed at nap times :grin:It’s hard but even without co sleeping it’s not easy with kids x It certainly helps if both of you are happy with the co sleeping and the fact your asking shows things are good​:heartbeat:good luck lol

Children need to be independent, managing to sleep in own bed,
Otherwise your starting something that’s hard to change, no problem if not started in the first place.
Learn to say no ASAP, or it will be horrifying through childhood. (psychological answer)


People STOP preaching they didn’t ask your opinion on co-sleeping so keep it moving.


Intimacy and sex are so important. Find time to snuggle or dance or whatever gives you that time. Create a safe place for bubs to play. They can totally be awake whilst you do the deed - maybe a playpen

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There’s plenty of places you can have sex be adventurous lol… On the sofa… Against a table… Bent over a chair… Use your imagination :joy::joy:


Sounds like NOT co sleeping is tha answer to tha problem tho so?? Id say KEEP preaching! Children belong in their OWN beds.


I put him in his crib while mommy and daddy have time then get him out when he wakes up (usually 2 hours in his crib is all he likes right now). But naps mine is never in the bed alone. But theres a whole lot of other places to get freaky :rofl: (unless you have 6 kids like me :woman_facepalming:)

We cosleep and our kid is 3. Granted, we don’t have much of an option as we live in a one bedroom kitchenette. Y’all wanna shame me for it? You can eat an entire dick. Thanks :slight_smile:


We co-sleep (baby is in a cot in the same room) she can’t see us and we are quiet when we need to be.
Otherwise we just do it anywhere we want in the house while she’s sleeping.

Bedsharing doesn’t happen in my house

Do some of you woman realise that you complain when a man only responds to one part of the message and not the whole lot you all carry on? & yet you have just done this to her when she asked about sex not co sleeping


We use the guest room

Hit all the other rooms in the house. Living room, kitchen, laundry room ect. Or move the baby for a few.

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These people are rude. If cosleeping works for you and your family so be it… It definitely works for mine especially with my post partum anxiety and nighttime feedings… I’m part of a cosleeping group on fb but not sure if i can post links or advertise other groups??

Put them in a crib? You know the safe thing to do?