If you had a son right now, what would you name him?

If you had a son right now, what would you name him?


I did just have one not too long ago. His name is Alexander.

If we have another, his name will be Eren.

I just had one 2 months ago. His name is Marik.

Having my Fourth Boy next week and his name is Mason Colt.

James , good strong name that will bring him from childhood to adulthood . I think you have to really think about a name rather than a fancy trend


My son’s name is Tristan.

My 1st is Jaxin
My baby on the way is a boy his name is Colton.
My bonus son is named James

I love

Reagen Gage. My boys are Coby, Caden and Cole

My son’s name is Elliott James. He just turned 3 and I hope I don’t have anymore. Lol he’s quite enough because I’m old

Maverick or Marshall

I like Jameson Cole…

If our daughter was a boy, he would have been named Ace.

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I have 1 son, Daniel Liam. But, originally it would have been David William.

Sir Nope McNotHappening :joy:
sarcasm heavily implied

I have a Forest and a Hunter so if I would of had another son it would have been Leaf :maple_leaf:

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I love the name Gunner

Always loved Greyson.

Im pregnant with a son now lol we have two other boys. Jace and wyatt and we have two daughters allison-jo and emmaline this babies name is John henry

If my husband had his way Oliver Blake

I have a Tainui and Tamati