If you had really bad morning sickness: Were you pregnant with a girl?

I am pregnant with my third child. My first two were boys, and I never had any sickness. I am still in my first trimester, and the only thing I can eat or drink most days is coke or Pepsi. I will be miserable and super hormonal and crappy and gaggy until I have some. Has anyone else had that? What gender was the baby? I heard it’s common for girls.

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My morning sickness was much worse with my daughter than my 2 sons.

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Never had it with any of my kids. I have 2 of each.

Had 0 sickness with my oldest son. Had sickness every damn day with my son I’m pregnant with now.

I have one girl, never had any morning sickness

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I had 3 girls and never had morning sickness. I’m currently pregnant with my son and I was nauseous at the beginning

I had that but it was witb my son not my daughter. My son I couldn’t even get out of bed for 4 months. I couldn’t walk into my kitchen without puking it was awful! All I ate for 4 months was popsicles. With my daughter she was easy. I threw up maybe twice my entire pregnancy. A tiny bit nauseated but nothing I couldn’t handle at all. It was way easier

I had horrible morning sickness with this pregnancy and turned out I’m pregnant with twins boy and girl set

Same for me had 2 girls and a boy all super bad morning sickness but lasted all day

Honestly, the coke and Pepsi thing was when I had my son. With my daughters I couldn’t stomach soda till the end of the pregnancies

I had hg and was sick every single day, even in the hospital when I was having my son.

My first is a girl no morning sickness. I’m pregnant with our second and I’ve had terrible morning sickness but don’t find out the gender til Sept.

I had horrible morning sickness and was told by numerous people I must be pregnant with a boy… I had a girl. My first and only child so no reference but I think it varies from pregnancy to pregnancy that’s what I was told at my OB.

I’ve had horrible morning sickness with my son and my daughter. Symptoms do not determine the gender. They’re just myths

I have 2 girls and was sick the entire pregnancy

Really bad morning sickness with my boy and then again with my girl

I never had any morning sickness with my daughter, but a friend of mine had REALLY bad sickness with her son! It can go both ways!

3 boys , bad morning sickness with all , HG with one

Yes my sicknesses were so much worse with my girls than with my boys.

I have horrible morning sickness and I’m pregnant with a girl