If you have and anterior placenta when did you feel the baby move?

Mamas with an anterior placenta, when did you first feel your baby move? What did it feel like? I’m 18 weeks pregnant and been told I have an anterior placenta but haven’t been given any information about it. I haven’t felt any movements (I don’t think, the first-time mama here). I do have a midwife appointment in a few days, so I will be asking lots of questions. Just wondered any other mamas experiences with this kind of thing? Thank you x


With my first child I did. I didn’t feel movements till 22-23 weeks

I was around 21 weeks with both pregnancies, had anterior placentas with both.

I had an anterior placenta with my last one. They didn’t give me much info either. I started to feel her around 22 weeks. And it never was as much as my first. He would roll and stretch and she just kind of kicked and waved her arms. And no one ever really felt them from the outside.

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With my first, 21 weeks. With my second, 19 weeks.

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With my first I didnt feel movement until 20 weeks and that was after I found out the gender.

I just had my first baby and had an anterior placenta… the only reason i knew it was anterior was because i had copies of my prenatal care for travel purposes. I felt my baby around 22 weeks, but my husband couldn’t feel anything until 24 weeks. Turns out its perfectly normal for kicks to take longer to feel (especially on the outside) with an anterior placenta. Also, since that’s technically extra weight in the front, my back pain was really bad from 26 weeks to the end of the pregnancy.

i do! i didn’t feel her til i was 23 weeks first time mom! try not to worry, you’ll know when you feel it

Around 22 weeks I started feeling butterflies, serious movement around 24

I did with my recent pregnancy (2nd time mom)- I didn’t feel any actual movement until 21-22 weeks. And even then it was really lite and I had to concentrate to feel her.

I was 22 weeks or more when i felt my baby. And it was like a very faint feeling like little worms swimming in your belly thats how i felt it

My third I had an anterior placenta and started feeling her around 22 weeks.

Well i did with my daughter (4th pregnancy) and didn’t know i was pregnant until 17 weeks and didn’t feel her ror a few more weeks. But man when she started moving… right in the ribs! Haha.

This is my 4th pregnancy and felt bby around 14 wks flutter. Not all day but once in a while. I’m 18wks really has changed. I feel the bby move its stronger but not offten.

I had one and I didn’t feel her until way over 20 weeks. At first it just felt like bubbles popping in my Abdomen when I first felt her, and in the whole 40 weeks I think I only felt her kick one time

Yes at 14 weeks he was my 4th

This is my 3rd pregnancy, and I have anterior placenta with this one… I didnt feel her move until about 24 weeks

Around 22 weeks started feeling tiny wiggles & flutters. Should not be a concern at that stage but always check with doc if ultrasound is fine & baby is all good.

Anterior with both. With my first didn’t feel anything until about 25 weeks and even then it was just a flutter. With my second I felt movement a lot sooner

I had an anterior placenta with 2. Felt them both around week 25. Always on my sides though and sometimes I didn’t feel them at all. You will definitely occasionally panic when you don’t feel them, but laying on my side and drinking cold water would typically get them to move and settle my nerves.