If you have one c-section do you always have to have them?

If you have a C section with your first pregnancy, does that mean that all pregnancies after have to be C sections too?


you can always do/try VBAC
(Vaginal Birth After Csection)

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Not necessarily. Most doctors are fine with you trying VBAC (vaginal birth after c section) I think a lot of it depends on the reason for c section in the first place. I for one am not a candidate for vbac

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no but you can choose it if you decide too

No you can talk to your doctor and other doctors about vbac . I suggest getting more than 2 no’s bc some drs just won’t do it just bc.

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Depends on ur dr and hospital. They have to carry special insurance for vbacs and dr has to be at the hospital for the duration of ur labor. I was unlucky and had to have repeat csections.

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No, you can do a vbac but it adds risks. And it depends why you had it. My sister is to small for vaginal delivery, so all hers were c sections

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Depends on why you had a c section for your first. I didn’t get a choice with my second and third

No you can always try for a vbac but you will need to make sure your doctor will allow it. They have to carry extra insurance to be able to perform a vbac because id the risk not all drs will allow it.

Nope. I had a c section for my first but, my doctor let me try having my second vaginally. It didn’t work out for me but, fro some it does. If your doctor doesn’t approve then, find one that does

Nope, it just depends on your body, how far apart your kids are in age, and how well each pregnancy goes.I just had a VBAC about a week ago and have had no complications

Depends and also almost no doctor will do a VBAC if you had a classical csection

most drs will let you try if its been 5 yrs

I’ve had 3. My Dr said you can try to do a vaginal for your second. But, if you end up having a 2nd csection- ever birth after will have to be a csection.

It’s really going to depend on what caused you to have the csection in the first place.

Then it will depend on your doctor and hospital and It will depend on that particular pregnancy.

It depends on how they cut you on the inside for your first c-section. If it was an emergency situation you most likely are not a candidate for a VBAC and no doctor will do it.

NOPE! I’ve had 2 vbacs!!

No, some Drs will allow you to attempt a vaginal. Some won’t allow the use of Pitocin after a c section so if you don’t labor on your own, you may have a repeat. Just talk to your provider and see their opinion on it.

All 4 of mine were c section, my last one I wanted to try a vaginal birth or a vbac. My last one was 8 years apart and my doctor still wouldnt let me.

I had two C-section, and followed them with a vbac.