If you share custody, how are you dealing with stimulus checks?

I want to know how parents who share custody are dealing with one of the parents getting stimulus checks for their kids?


Depends on who claims whom on taxes for the year with us.

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I claim my daughter so I keep the money. :woman_shrugging:t2:


My ex-husband and I have been splitting it evenly with each stimulus payment. We share 50/50 custody without child support.


I would think if it’s 50/50 than you should split the stimulus 50/50. I wouldn’t go by taxes seeing stimulus checks aren’t something that’s going to happen every year


We’ve been splitting it. 50/50


I claim my daughter on taxes but we have 50/50 custody. I have given him half of every portion of the stimulus for her.


If you share custody, split it

I claim our son on taxes, and I should get the stimulus for him… I will set some aside so if his dad comes to town they can do something special, but I have him 100% the time as his dad moved out of state.

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Its in your court order how to handle tax money.

He only gets visitation so the stimulus goes in my name.

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I have always claimed my son and he claims my daughter. It does matter with taxes. Just because it doesn’t happen every year. If 1 parent as more Custody then they should get more $$$

I have been getting them for both my kids because of claiming them last year on my taxes, I kept them. Each of their fathers were able to claim the stimulus for them on their taxes when they filed this year. So, even though I got mine, they are getting theirs along with their tax return

Whoever the irs sends the money too lol ?


If ya’ll have the children 50/50 then the children’s part needs to be 50/50.


I claim my kids on the taxes every year so I’ve gotten the stimulus checks. I split them with their dad

The stimulus & tax credit is supposed to benefit the children. Personally id sit down & decide how it best be used to benefit the child. If that means going towards a car for a parent without or moving expenses to a better area for 1 parent if that improves the child’s life on that child’s time then it should go towards that. Otherwise I’d put it in an account for the child with both parents & a written agreement that it can only be withdrawn with both parents present for agreed upon expenses. Kids want to join sports or summer camp, kids been sleeping on 10yo beds at 1 parents house because they can’t afford to upgrade etc the money will be in that account. Parents should not be profiting off this money. It’s not for either parents purposes. It’s for the children.


Split it if it’s 50/50, especially if you guys go halves on sports and such

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Your custody agreement should call out how taxes are to be done, and you follow that. Unfortunately, though we have 50/50 for 2 kids, one of them hasn’t had a thing to do with her father for over 3 years. I essentially have 1 child 50% and 1 100% but until we go to mediation it won’t change.

My ex and I technically have shared custody, but I have her year round and he barely sees her. I’ve gotten her stimulus, but I don’t give any to her bio dad bc besides the court ordered child support, he does not help out with her. So i didn’t give him any portion of her stimulus because it helps with all of the costs associated with her.

But if you guys have true shared custody where he actually takes the kids I would split the money with him.