If you share custody, how are you dealing with stimulus checks?

Whoever claimed the child on their last tax return gets the money

I have shared custody but before hand its in my court order that I claim her every year

Going straight into the kids savings account


My ex husband takes the stimulus for himself and 1 child and I take the other half for myself and our second child.

We split it 50/50. Same with child credit on taxes. I claim our son but share the return.

Maybe I’m the odd one but mine was already split, his dad owes back pay in child support for his daughter and they took his dads part and then half of my sons… 2nd& 3rd one same thing we both got half.

We have 2 kids, I claim a kid and he claims a kid. That way it is fair

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How many of u spend it on ya kids?

We alternate years on taxes so one year his dad gets to claim him the next year I get to claim him so forth and so on everything tied to it


I take one kid every year he gets the other. We have no court order custody agreement we decided after divorce to deal with everything outside of court

He claims one I claim the other we both get extra

Me and my husband have recently separated. He moved out since our boys and me needed a place and ive been the one payung rent since day 1. He however has been claiming our boys the last few years so according to his taxes the stimulus for our boys goes to him. I had no issue with him claiming kids as we we’re together and it wasnt an issue. We always agreed we split each of us got one of the kids checks. I always spent what I had on “the house” supplies kids food bills ECT. He did what he wanted mostly… Well since we split right before this round of stimulus, even though I have our kids full time I agreed to still split it to offer him help in securing an apartment so he can start getting the visitation he requested. Which is only every other weekend…

We split it in half.

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My ex got it since he claimed our son in 2019. When I filed 2020 taxes, I got credit.

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We have 3 kids. I claim 2 and he claims 1, every year. We mutual agreed to that because we mutually agreed to a low child support amount. So since we agreed to keep child support low, to “even it out” so speak, we agreed on me claiming 2 him claiming 1. So keep what comes to me, and he keeps what comes to him.

My kids father lives in CA. He sees them twice a year maybe. Regardless, if he’s caught up on his obligations then yes but if he’s not and I get it- well I get it. End of story!

Funny story. I have joint custody with my ex. Last March he stopped showing up every other weekend for his scheduled time. He also stopped paying his half of the health insurance cost ($106). We are supposed to alternate years per our custody order. I sent him a nice text saying is hope he would agree that I claim my son again this year since I had him the entire time. He said “Nope! Covid happened.” Needless to say he’s a greedy mofo. Now he’s probably gonna get this stimulus for my son even though he’s had little to no contact with him this whole time, and not only that but also the additional child credit they are supposed to give starting July. I am pissed.

Were not married but I get the stimulus for our son so we do like we do with taxes and split what we get for kiddo in half

I just put it in my sons bank account.
It’s his money.


Split it or use it for something that benefits the both of you.