If you split from your child's other parent, how often do you speak?

Those of you who have children from a previous relationship that you co-parent with, how often do you speak/text to them throughout the day? Or if your significant other has children from a previous relationship, how often do they speak to that other parent? Are the conversations strictly about the children, or is there some other friendly conversation? This question is for anyone, but especially those who would say they have a friendly relationship with the other parent.


I couldn’t say there isn’t a right or wrong answer to this. If I had to talk everyday to my kids dad I would. We talk about anything that strictly would affect our children.

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My sons father and I split over 3 years ago. We mostly argue. We arent friends. We discuss our son and that’s it.
My step sons mom and my fiance are civil with eachother fairly well. We actually coparent very well with her and her new husband. We actually all go out and do things together as one big family.


I talk to my bonus daughters mom every single day hahaha. About life, kids; etc. we definitely converse more than my husband and her. We have a great co parenting relationship. In the beginning my husband and her texted more frequently, usually about our kiddo. He would show me his phone if i was insecure about it.

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I don’t speak to my ex except when he calls… And that’s 2 times a year maybe

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My ex and I talk almost daily. We are friends… so much better for our boys. We talk about our kids but occasionally talk about other things like politics, people we both know, our family etc. I’m remarried and he frequently has to listen to me on the phone but doesn’t mind. We also jointly celebrate our kids milestones and sit with each other at all events. Our boys have expressed how lucky they are compared to some friends whose parents are divorced and can’t get along.


It goes in spurts. My teens are around their dad so when it gets hairy we work together. We remain civil and I think being friendly has some snooping qualities as long as your keeping tabs on the teens. You also know how the other functions then. Because our lives all change constantly. Sometimes I do cut them off due to toxic choices etc. No different than anyone else. It’s work. It takes a village to raise a child. You should know what that village looks like and how it functions.

As little as possible.


I keep it to only about my child.

Never my daughter is 9 she has her own phone to speak to her dad .

I haven’t talked to my children’s father in over a month now. He doesn’t call or check on the kids. Hell he hasn’t even shown up to get them🤷🏻‍♀️ didn’t even call our oldest on her birthday. We have a “shared parenting” plan also.

I only txt about pick up and drop off with our child


I talk to my ex usually only about our son my bf is a little more friendly with his ex

Only when it concerns the kids or schedules for the kids hes still an ex for a reason we’re not friends we are civil for the sake of the kids

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When we need to speak about the kids. They are teens so he calls them directly. We are civil and get along but there’s no need for me to talk to him daily.

My ex husband talk to his ex daily all day. 10 years he cheated on me with her. So now. Nope only talk about ur kids and kids only. You don’t need to talk about work, the weather or anything else. There not in a relationship. They cant respect the new relationship there in peace out

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I am on really good terms with my daughter’s dad. We talk daily. He gets along with my partner so they talk a fair bit as well. We work really hard to have a good relationship because it’s not our daughter’s fault we seperated - she is a 6 year old who had her life completely change. She shouldn’t have to suffer because we, as adults, could not work it out.
It’s pretty amazing the relationship that we have.


I talk to my kids dad a few times a week, mostly about the kids, but theres also friendly conversation. We’ve known each other since kindergarten, so we can get along. My bf speaks to his ex once a week, when he sends her the CS payment, to let her know he sent it, or if he wants to pick up his daughter and that’s it. It just depends on the two people really.

My daughters dad and I split 4 yrs ago. He has a whole other family now, but he takes our daughter whenever he can. I talk to him many times throughout the week depending on what’s going on. Usually 4/7 days we might message or I send pics of our daughter, it’s usually always about our child, but right now there is some other stuff going on that I talk to him about. When I was a step mom, I talked to my step sons mom more that his dad did. Almost everyday. We all got along well.

We only talk about our son and send pictures of our son to each other. That is it. I don’t have anything nice to say about my ex. I also make sure to never talk bad about my ex to my son.