If you struggled with postpartum depression: Did you struggle to connect with your baby?

Are there any c-section mammas who suffered postpartum depression and struggled to feel like the baby is actually theirs? And what you did to help yourself through it.


Yes 100%!! I didn’t actually feel connected to my baby until about 5 months when I felt like she recognized me and smiled at me not just because. For me it just took time but I would deff talk to your dr about it! I felt like I was watching someone else’s baby

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Yes I had a planned c section and my baby was taken to ICU a hour after she was born, (rare blood cross over) anyway after 8 days she was allowed in my room to spend the night, it was the worst night of my life! I wanted to die I hated being with her I hated her I just couldn’t cope, 10 days later we was allowed home, my partner worked full time (I was on maternity leave) so I slept down stairs with baby as he worked nights, I had my mum up mine every night because I could not do it my partner had her all day everyday, my daughter had severe colic and reflux and milk allergy so she cried the first 7months of the life like honestly everyday and night non stop! When she was 5weeks old I took 350 pills written my goodbye letters, I woke up it didn’t work, ended up in hospital liver damage, I got sectioned I’m under a mental health nurse and shrink (doctor) on a lot a meds but it’s been over 2years now and I love my daughter more than anything in the world, PND is such a awful illness I’m not saying this will happen to you but please seek ASAP


I didnt have a c section but suffered horribly with post partum alone as the one person I confided in didnt believe me and so I tried to hide it the best I could… my regret is that I didnt seek help. Now on pregnancy #2 and scared to death about going through ppd again. But this time I’ve already talked to several friends and family and told them to watch me and make sure I get the help I need this time around.

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Yes i remember after c~section for twin boys…and it was time to leave the hospital the nurses brought the babies and placed them in my arms and they start crying and i started crying too and at that time i didnt no what that feeling was or knew that it exists i was telling myself constantly to suck it up…but it was just a feeling i wish no one feels…i never seek help or even talk to my family about it i just kept it to myself…

I have PPD and a planned c-section with complications that took her away for 4 days. It helps that I have a partner that does not judge me for my feelings but listens and tries to relate. He knows he can’t ‘fix’ me. And that helps. If you need a no judgment mama friend, please reach out. And with the body issues, I felt like I was just ‘shapes’ for awhile and still feel it. My girl is 10 months.

I didn’t have a c-section. But my postpartum was terrible. He’s 7 1/2mo and I still am suffering from PPD and PPA. I feel like I still connected with him pretty quickly though. To the point that I sometimes struggled to let my husband hold him cause I was in the mindset of him being my baby haha. Got over that quickly but, I feel like it’s different for everyone. I have severe chronic depression anyway, so I feel like I was more prepared. Only took me for a spin because I wasn’t ready for what the hormones added to depression.

I didnt have a c-section, but I was induced with pitocin and I did not do well with it at all. I always loved my little guy, but never felt connected to him. What I did was force myself to be the sole caretaker of him. My husband took care of our 2 year old and I would hold my baby all the time. Lots of connecting with skin to skin and just being together. He was a terrible sleeper so we had plenty of quiet nights just him and me. I also think breastfeeding helped our bond. Now he’s almost 4 and him and I are glued at the hip. Hugs mama, give yourself grace and time and if you do need help, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor.

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My sister suffered this after having twins. The first was born vaginal but the second was by csection. She struggled with both for the first few months, give it a little time. Lots of love and snuggles before you know it, it will all fall into place. I think the most important part to remember is that you are not alone and you are not a bad mother for feeling like this. It will all get better. I’d also highly recommend speaking to your doctor for support through the postpartum depression. Lots of love and best of luck!:blush::revolving_hearts:

Skin to skin when the baby is sleeping so it’s not hard on your belly.

I suffered with ppd with my oldest son. The only way I can explain it is I felt more like I was taking care of my little brother then I was my own child. I didnt know how to love him. I didnt feel that pull towards him. There was no connection.

I reckon that was the goal, for whomever disintegrated me. 🤷

Nope I bonded with all my babies, it is just recently in the last two years that I’m having trouble with that bond

Its normal to feel this way. Talk with your Doctor. Youve just endured 10 months of pregnancy. And had a major surgery (trauma). I’m sure your birth plan was shot out the window and your exoectations were not met. You will connect with your baby. You just need to recover from everything. Seriously, talk with your doctor.

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My daughter suffered a very bad case of this. She did the basics for her son but there was no connection or nurture. Thankfully his other grandma stepped in and provided that. A year later she was finally out on medication. She’s had 2 more children and the Doctor was made very aware of her condition and preventative steps were taken.

My last daughter, it took me awhile like a week or so after I had her a c-section before I fully started to connect. I thought I was done before I had her, and it just took a little longer. But you should definitely speak to your daughter if you have postpartum you need to get that under control so it doesn’t get out of control and you hurt yourself or your baby.

C-sections are so damn hard. I had a nurse tell me I had post partum anxiety and depression. I didn’t have insurance or money, but my son’s pediatrician was a huge lifeline for me, as well as friends. It is totally ok to feel the way you feel. Time and love for yourself (easier said than done) are so important. My son is now 5 and we have a great relationship. The first year is so hard and lots of people don’t understand your feelings. All you can do is say I need help and ask people for it. If someone says you should just feel better, slap them, it’ll make you feel better. Seriously, pediatricians can help so much (and they don’t double charge you)

Yes. I did but what made my situation even more complicated is that he was taken to the NICU and spent almost 2 weeks there. I wasn’t about to breastfeed. I wasn’t able to hold him like I wanted. When I did hold him he was connected with a lot of cords and monitors. I had great nurses and his Doctor picked up on the depression. The Doctor made sure I was able to stay in my baby’s room the whole time he was there. It sucked! Be honest with your doctor and tell them.

Talk to your doctor. Look for a mom support group, especially a c-section one. They will help give ways to make that connection.

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Yes, I had a C-section as well and it was hard to connect to baby at first, not sure if it had to do with the c-section or not but it does get better :heart:

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