If your child rotates between parents houses: How is school work going?

For kids in school between two homes… do you find that their learning is different in one home vs. another? Should I say something to her teacher? She’s not doing well on assignments when with her dad but rocks them at home, and I’m scared they will assume she doesn’t know them. Side note-i already emailed her; I couldn’t help myself… maybe I did the wrong thing… shes going to think I am the overbearing parent or whatever and favor him somehow.

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Hello mom I guess u should work on tuitions and if she rotates between 2 homes the other authority there u need to talk to them as well about this and try gvg the kid enough time in lessons
Rather thn play all da time

No you’re being too hard on yourself. Get to the bottom of the problem with communication and then figure out how to solve it and it’s always good to let the teacher know because then she can understand where she’s coming from and not be so hard on her and if the teacher still is then try speaking to the counselor about it but you’re not wrong for anything after all it’s all for your daughter and her education I’m even if she gets upset now believe me she will thank you as an adult.