If your toddler had COVID: What were the symptoms?

Anyone’s toddler has COVID? What are the signs? He has a stuffy nose, caught, and a temp of 99.5-100.5. And super crabby. Where would I even go to test him? Would they do a rapid test? It could just be a cold but I obviously need to be super careful.

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Colds don’t normally have fevers

I got a upper respiratory infection last week just getting over it. I had all them symptoms. Everyone is so quick to jump thinking of that… but I know my urgent care in Louisiana has the rapid test

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You can go to any health department and they do COVID testing just make sure to call and make an appointment

I’m pretty sure my son had it but I didn’t see no reason to go and get him tested… it was just like a regular cold with mid grade fever and runny nose… it was no big deal really he was over it in a day


I would take him to his doctor it’s probably just a common cold your doctor will tell you if he thinks he needs testing for covid.

Could be an upper respiratory infection or ear infection this time of year. Is he teething? Call the pediatrician ‘s office. Don’t automatically think covid unless you know they were exposed.

Could be URI but if the fever makes you so concerned & you think he’s in pain especially with breathing problems, take the kid to the ER. Depending on the age, a child’s fever might be a sign of an infection that needs immediate attention.

I would go to the ER. Call them and let them know its a possible covid and they’ll have a room ready for you. They do rapid testing whereas most drive ins/doctors offices take 24 to 48 hours.

Don’t just go to the ER for a test. Call your primary care doctor and ask them what to do. Check with your local health department for testing. Without severe symptoms you shouldn’t be going to the ER just for a test.


I would call normal doctor office … sometime a local walk in clinic has the test you can always call there to if you dont want to wait until monday

Everyone jumps immediately thinking covid. People still get the common cold, flu etc… it’s not much of a fever probably a cold or something but best would be consult pediatrician


Don’t take a chance . Get your child tested

Call your pediatrician.

Most places want them to be at least 2 years old. Call his dr and they will give you the info for testing. Sounds like a cold though.

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I would call the pediatrician. My 11 month old had the same symptoms a few days ago and they did a rapid covid and luckily it was negative. Just some bug she picked up but she’s on the mend :blush:

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This happened to me. Call your pediatrician. They will tell you exactly what to do.

Pretty sure I’ve had covid in the past 2 months, no test, my son had the same symptoms as me, we were both well and back out of the house in 3 weeks, if your a healthy person no underlining issues I wouldn’t worry, if you do have underlining issues get a test and get some medical help, but otherwise it is literally a new strain of the common cold/flu :woman_shrugging:


Most doctors mini has had dont even consider it a fever until its at least 101 or more. 100.5 and they tell me to give OTC meds as needed for the various symptoms and if it lasts longer than a week or so to go back. :woman_shrugging:

Wishing baby a speedy recovery​:bouquet:. Treat it symptomatically and as common cold. Rather a call and visit to family dr, then ER unless dr says so. God willing, this covid really needs to just die. Be strong mummy​:cherry_blossom::palms_up_together:t2:

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