I'm concerned my child will lose confidence getting silver crowns: Advice?

Should I have my child get silver or white crowns?

My child’s dentist is recommending my daughter replaces her bottom row of teeth with crowns rather than fillings. The front 4 teeth will be white crowns but the bottom 3 on each side will be silver. I have done the research and it seems like the silver teeth are more durable due to more research. I have explained to my daughter what her teeth will look like and she is a little nervous about the “shiny teeth”. I don’t want to sound superficial but I am worried my daughter will lose confidence to smile/ also do not like the look of the silver teeth. What are your experiences with silver/ white caps?

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I feel that she won’t think twice about getting the silver crowns mama! I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Lots of kids have silver crowns and my kids happen to think they are cool! Lol!

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My 5 year old son had to have silver crowns and he isn’t fazed by them. It actually thinks that they are “cool” because his tooth is silver and worth more than his other teeth.