I'm conficted on my feelings for my ex: Please help

So my son’s father is a piece of work. I got pregnant at the beginning of our relationship. He told everyone he doubted it was his. ( I wasn’t with anyone but him) He treated me like absolute crap the entire pregnancy, Called me names 24/7, constantly yelled at me for no reason, made fun of me in front of his friends, and even let them call me names and make rude comments about me. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup or any clothes other than baggy shorts and an oversized shirt. The entire summer I was pregnant I was trapped in our tiny room all day every day until he got home, which was usually around 3 am, he would get off work and go drink and hang out with his friends, come back drunk yell at me for the room being too dirty make food and go to sleep. I wasn’t allowed to see my friends or family, and when the baby was born, he was mad. I wanted my mom and siblings to be there. I left him a few months ago; I packed everything took the baby and left while he was at work, he apologized profusely, promising to change begging for me back. We’re talking and hang out on weekends, but he’s starting to fall back into old patterns, he wants to get married, but I can’t live a life like that again, should I trust that he’s going to change or should I leave for good? He says he loves our son, but he’ll hold him for 5 minutes and pass him off to whoever he can, he yells at him when he cries and tells me it’s all my fault because I spoiled him and now he thinks he’s entitled to attention 24/7. I’m so conflicted because I love him and I want it to work but I’m scared things will never change


How fast can you run?


Think of your son. And run

Get out and never look back

Honey, unless a man wears a diaper you cant change him lol :smirk: you did the right thing keep it up and dont let him back in


Noooo don’t go back please you and your son both deserve better


Do not go back and sure as hell don’t get married


Why would you ever question raising a child in an environment like that? LEAVE.


He will never change.
You do not want your son growing up in a toxic environment like that.

U have a child now. Don’t go back

Throw the entire piece of shit in the trash, set it on fire, and run.

He sounds like a Narcissist. Run.

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Leave as fast as u can and DON’T look back!!! That’s fkin terrifying!! U have ur son to protect. He is your world now not that monster.

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Omg FUCK NO!!!

He showed you who he really is, believe him


Leave!!! They don’t change!!!

Leopard doesn’t change his spots. You know he’s not gonna change. Have respect for your self and don’t go back. You can and will do better if not for you for your child

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Don’t think he will change. He won’t.

Hun, he will not change. You need to do what’s best for your son and yourself and that is to have nothing to do with him.

This won’t change…it’s hard to walk away but if you are out stay out it will just make it harder to leave later when things are even worse