I'm finding it hard to connect with my kids: Advice?

What do involved parents do as a family? I’m finding it hard to connect with my 10 and 7-year-old. Everything ends in tears or fights- then no one wants to spend time together. Suggestions? We’re in a small town with few options to go out.


Following, but we also have like no budget for activites

Game night. Movie night. Cooking/Baking. If girls maybe doing nails or hair


Our 7 year old loves games. We play Uno, Candyland, etc.


Maybe have them plan a family fun day…
Also bowling, swimming, ymca…
My kids are technology freaks. So its a real treat for them when i play roblox or a game they like with them.

Find out what they like and try to make it a family ordeal.
Have board game nights.
Have baking nights, movie nights, themed nights, build forts, make scavenger hunts, go to the park, etc.

You can also google ideas.


Ask the children what they have in mind sometimes parents need to allow the children to choose as they seem to be interested longer, I have 6 boys and sometimes I’ve just got to relax get outside get muddy with them these are definitely the fun moments


Scavenger hunts through the neighborhood or places like the zoo. There are some great ones you can print from Pinterest. Game night. Movie night. Your local library should have plenty of free activities for all ages.

Board games. Long rides in the car where you just talk.

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We make blanket fortes in the lounge and have hot chochs, crazy dance on the deck (taking turns to pick songs), play board games, make slime and every couple of weeks I put them in charge of a two course dinner (a course each)…they plan, shop and make. They love it.


Make some puppy chow, hot chocolate, put on a movie to watch. Games to play together.

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Try spending time alone with one one day and the other one the next. Do things they like to do. If you can try to have a family night where they each get to pick what to do. Make popcorn and let them choose a movie or board game. Play hide and seek. Or just act silly and let them follow.


Decorate cookies, make s’mores

Honestly much the same as the above. Both my boys (10 and 7) are banned form technology today because they were fighting lol so out comes the Chinese checkers and uno. I also play ps4 with them, have movie nights, take time to tuck them in individually and chat a little or just lay on the couch and watch movies (I also use movie time to give them a back rub because physical contact is just as important with kids that age as when they are babies). I just gave them a big talk to about how they are brothers and that “friends come and go but family is forever” and to be kind to each other because one day they will need each other. My last piece of advice to connect with them is to get interested in what they’re interested in, let them take it in turns to pick a family activity and if they’re really into something learn about it yourself so you can join in and help them.


Have dinner as a family at the kitchen table without tv and phones. Spend extra time helping them fix their hair or find a new hairstyle. Facilitate moments of genuine non-forced bonding and they will naturally begin to talk to you on a deeper level which is a great place to begin.

Easy art projects, let them help cook, card games

Maybe if you can foster a dog or cat as a family, you can share responsibility like walks and training to get dog adoption ready , it’s a short term commitment but pets always steal the hearts of everyone, it can be a common denominator. If you cant foster then volunteer to walk or exercise a shelter dog at a park as a family. Once they get involved in helping pets they can help have pet food drives or pet supplies fund raisers ect… it will help them work together on focusing on the animals.

Dinner, trivia, card games, homework. It’s not really about what you do it’s about time and attention. It could be a collection of something, teaching, learning interaction. Figure out what interests them.

what do your kids enjoy? find something they enjoy and either do that ORRR something new that branches off in some way… most kids love the big trampolines (check a bigger city near you for a trampoline park), movies, hiking, just hanging out at play ground, crafts, ask them…

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I bake cookies or cake with my kiddos. They love decorating cakes with me. My daughter when she was about 7 we’d play Wii games with her, like the party games; operation … Mini golf, janga, mario carts… Ect. We’d go outside and hubby, my daughter and I would kick a ball around. My daughter and I listen to music while doing anything in the house, could be cleaning, looking at old pictures. Playing Uno, parcheesie. Manicala, puzzles, clue. She’s 18 and my son is 6. My daughter still loves doing everything we did back then. We do many things with my son now too. Find what interests them and try doing it with them.