I'm having relationship issues and need advice on ending toxic relationships?

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Cut them off. No social media, no phone contact and even ditch mutual friends if you have to. Cutting them off hurts but it’s for the best in the end


RIP that band aid fast

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Just leave. Pack your shit and go. Enable ghost mode. Yep, its gonna hurt, yep, its gonna suck. Just have to do it.


Just GTF out of it case closed Bye :wave:

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Plan your exit, if you have children to them, you will need to make arrangements relating to the children… Doing a runner with the children while it seems the best way to go in the short term, long term can come back to bite you in the court system.
Get legal advice, assemble a bag of essentials somewhere, open a separate bank account, ensure you have copies both in paper and in digital off all essential documents you might require, talk with a contact center if you have children regarding services they might be able to offer, establish where you can go when you need to make your move and the support you can get, if employed talk with your employer as many now have systems in place for special leave, even transfer to a different branch office if necessary.

Just remember, there is support out there, but homework needs to be done first. Always work within the law.
Make any arrangements with the children so they can still spend time with the OP, as this will demonstrate you are still enabling them to have a relationship with the OP and provide you with some downtime to recharge or to sort things out un-interupted. (make sure you are always operating in the best interest of the child too, because you might have to defend that if and when matters hit Court).

I agree. Sometimes ghosting and disappearing is the best thing you can do for yourself.


I agree with Karri El Husseini. Cut all relationship with everyone… I kept a friendship with the mom and dad even the daughter and some how would find myself going back and once I decided to cut everyone off I now know what I am worth. Leave now before is too late. Good luck.

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How fast do you want this break to be from them? Fast? Or slow? How intertwined is your friendship and are you living together?

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I was in a bad toxic relationship .
In highschool,
He even kidnapped me at gunpoint and took me to Querétaro mexico.
There I got the courage to ask for help and got away :slightly_smiling_face:

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Walk away…if you don’t like the idea of that write a letter…walk … don’t look back and go ghost! Radio silence! Best way.

Well I dont really know what’s going on, is there abuse involved? Either way, end it now. There is no slow cutting off toxic relationships. Have a friend with you, get your stuff, and go. Dont look back. Block the number. Its gonna hurt, your heart is going to break, but coming from experience of 8 years of hell from my ex, people don’t change. You leave and don’t look back, dont worry about them, because a toxic relationship, if its not already, can turn abusive quick and sometimes that ends with people in hospitals.

Bullet Body Bag, Shovel, and a Good Friend with a sense of direction to hide the body

Once I was in therapy fir this very reason. The therapist said, if your arm had to be cut off, which would you choose a butter knife or a machete? One takes forever and drags it out, the other is instant . Your choice

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Ummm, you know it’s toxic so you have your answer…