I'm having relationship issues and need advice on signs of a toxic relationship?

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If your gut tells you its off, it probably is


Always putting you down making you feel less of a person talking bad to you or to other keeping you alway from family or friends broken promises is an ongoing thing this is just few that maybe nothing but turn out to be something big


Really? You’ve already used the word " Toxic" in your question. Pretty sure you already know when to leave.


If you feel like you are being abused, that is probably because you are. Seek out your support system and get away as fast as you can. Abusers try to build a dependency, so that you are too comfortable to leave.


If your asking this question it’s probably toxic


If u say its Toxic u Already kn it’s time to Get The HELL Out Run Don’t Look Back !!!


If you’re asking for help… That’s your 1st sign. We should stop challenging our intuition. We have it for a reason. But to answer your question…(their own insecurities, no life outside of the relationship, confrontational, they inconsistant n unreliable, no accountability for their behavior, it’s always your fault, take advantage of your time n availability, keep a " what’s in it for me attitude")…


He doesn’t let you do anything without his permission or his presence. He calls you all night when you’re out with your friends because he’s jealous.


If you gota ask then its a bad relationship

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You need to look at the potential for improvement. People rarely change. Partners put up with too much for too long. Instead of looking in the mirror and saying you tried and did your best, you look at yourself with disgust for being such a doormat. It takes lots of therapy and time to get past it. Distance clarifies.

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See if he can change for the better n if he cant then leave. If he treats u horribly or talks to u with disrespect then leave him hun.

You don’t need signs. You already have those, or you wouldn’t have asked the question. Just leave, and now.

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I mean, there’s a long list of what a toxic relationship looks like but if they’re making you feel crappy about yourself, laying hands on you, ignoring you, gaslighting you, cheating, etc etc then you don’t even need to be asking. Just leave.

Simple… its toxic means either you or your partner is stressing the other out. It’s one thing to not wanna be in the relationship ship but, it’s another when either of you are so agitated by the other that it brings you to a high level of stress or especially anger. Period.

The answer is always to leave before anyone gets killed. Yes. I said it.