I'm late but had my tubes tied, can you get pregnant after tubal ligation?

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Yep, but more than likely in your tubes! Chances are slim of it being a healthy pregnancy!! I had a tubal ligation and got pregnant in both tubes and they were removed.

I just had a tubal pregnancy last august an one this past month it can happen in the tubes it’s rare to make it to the uterus especially if he is super fertile my doc told me to have him look into getting snipped cause his count is high and it can cause me issues

Yes possible. So is pre cum babies. Period babies and post partum babies.

Yes. I named him Spencer.


Yes, you can have an ectopic pregnancy :pregnant_woman:

Yes, that’s why I’m having mine completely removed.

Sounds daft but Have you done a pregnancy test?

Yes it’s rare but it can happen.

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1% chance of it happening

So my mom had her tubes tied, was on birth control to regulate her periods, AND made my dad wear a condom cause he was on the road driving a truck a lot. 8 years later… She had me!

You can…rarely. It is an ectopic pregnancy where the fertilized egg implants in the Fallopian tube.

My aunt had her tubes tied and they came untied. Her sons name is Johnny.

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Yes. It’s called a ectopic pregnancy.


My youngest is 3. I had her 6 years after my tubal ligation🥴

Yes my post tubal baby will be 5 tomorrow

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Yes it is called a haze rose :rofl:


It’s no longer being called pregnant I’m sure the government changing it to human carrier to please the same sex and trans people lol


Yes it is possible. My sister in law was in shock when she found out she was pregnant after her tubal ligation many years prior. She now has a beautiful young lady. God works in mysterious ways.

I had my tubes clipped and got pregnant 3 months later to a healthy baby boy, afterwards got them cut. I regret cutting them , so many problems with my period and hormones. Plus im getting baby fever!