I'm still bleeding 19 months after having my baby: Advice?

I am 19 weeks postpartum and still bleeding consistently, all day, every day. Sometimes heavily, but most times, it’s medium and never light or spotting. I got the depo shot before being discharged after birth, but it has never caused me to bleed like this, normally just light cycles. I didn’t have an appetite for two months after, and when I eat, my stomach hurts like cramps and sharp pains, my lower back will hurt, but I think it mainly from the cramping from my stomach, I get very nauseated, I’m always jittery, and my migraines have increased even tho I’ve always had migraines. If I’m laying down, I can’t sit my baby on my stomach without pain that’s more uncomfortable than really painful. I’ve mentioned it to my doctor a couple of times, but she continues to brush it off and tells me, “some women take longer to heal.” I’m not saying this to discredit her at all, but I know how my body should feel, and it doesn’t feel right. I’m worried, but I haven’t gone to the hospital just in case this is normal, and I hate to bother nurses and doctors unless I know for sure I need to. Has anyone else dealt with this, and if so, how did you manage it?


I bled like that after my first child. It was because of cysts I didnt even know I had.

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Get a second opinion from another dr


If I was you I’d go to the emergency room that to me doesn’t sound normal.

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Go back and ask for an ultra sound. You know your body and doctors are v quick to dismiss new mothers. They act like everything is pregnancy related and all normal. But pregnancy can actually trigger multiple things in women including auto immune diseases etc not saying anything is wrong but it’s better to get some tests for reassurance


you need to get a second opinion. that’s not normal.

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Go to the hospital my friend

you might need a clean out go see a doctor I bleed for nearly 8 mths placenta left behind

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I hated the depo because I bled all the time. I may of got 2 days a month that I wasn’t bleeding.

That CANNOT be ok. I think you should listen to your body, cause it’s trying to tell you something. I have had four kids and bleeding only lasted 2 -4 weeks for me with each. Demand help!

You need to find a new Dr

Depo made me bleed all the time so had to stop it

As a nurse and a mother, this is not normal. Please go to a new OB/GYN


I would go to the hospital

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I bled for almost a year after my son was born. I also had the depo before being discharged. I asked my midwife and she said that our bodies reset after having a baby so what worked before may not work the same after. Definitely get a second opinion.

Definitely get a second opinion and discuss other bc option. I know it’s different for everyone. I personally don’t bleed on the depo at all. But I know people who do

That’s not normal and please get a second opinion it could be the effects of the depo shot after birth your body changes and may not take to it like it used too. I had those problems on depo and I changed my birth control to no hormones and my body went back to normal 8 months pp

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I did the same after getting the shot right after birth never had problems before I stopped the shot and got the meraina and everything went back to normal

Its from your depo. I was bleeding month straight. Then it was gone for good

Congrats to you momma