I'm struggling getting my son to latch can people suggest some useful breastfeeding videos?

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I don’t have any videos but what helped my son latch is I would bring out my breast pump and use it just til my milk started to come out and it would also make my nipples bigger so it made it easier for my son to latch on

For me it was don’t try so hard take a lot of deep breaths and let you two find your rhyme. It takes a moment for each kid and mom to find it I had 6 kids used a shield with a few did amazing day one with others. My mom told me stop focusing on what’s standard think of it and a new relationship find your way with “him/her” and breath baby your got this after I slowed down and stopped trying to make us be the typical we made it work for us found our comfort zone. I’m also very glad she kept telling me it may take a few tries or days doesn’t mean there’s a problem just means you change they approach.

I don’t have any videos and, this might sound really stupid, but my grandma taught it to me. When you sit down and get ready to feed, take a Kleenex and lightly run it back and forth against his face before you attempt to allow latch. Kind of like painting very slowly and lightly with a paintbrush. Do that for about 10 seconds. It worked for me! Best of luck to you, Sis.

I am a RN who taught breastfeeding at Shanda
Rub your nipple on the Palate the top of his mouth express a small amount of milk . Rub his palate with your nipple see if that works

Not sure about videos but most hospitals have lactation specialists that can help. Ours had a drop in nursing clinic and they were super helpful with latching, supply issues, and any breastfeeding questions. Good luck to you!! Don’t give up and be patient with it.


Some babies thrust their tongue forward which impedes latching on. This article might help until you can connect with a lactation consultant.

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Morgan Warner any suggestions? Thought of you immediately

I found the football hold was the easiset for when we were bith still learning. All the best, hopefully you have support from your midwife to help.

Have your child checked for being tongue tied


try a breast/nipple shield

Medela nipple shields.

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