I'm Struggling with the Fact My Toddler No Longer Calls Me 'Mama': Advice?


“My 18-month-old daughter has stopped calling me Mama, and now it’s just Mom. Anyone else have a hard time with this?”

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“Wait till they start calling you bruh lol.”

“Yes but then out of the blue she started calling me mommy, and my heart melts every time.”

“My daughter calls me by my real name and I find it shocking how many get offended because I don’t have a problem with it.”

“My 18-month-old daughter calls me by name or aunt Fiona or Hanna which is her name. She hears other people call me Fiona or aunt Fiona and that’s what she calls me, I try to tell her I’m mom and she says ‘no no.’”

“I called my mother mumma until the day she died. And she called me lovey or honey.”

“My daughter calls me ‘mimi’ which makes me feel like a grandma but she loves it and it’s not hurting anyone… it’s tough but don’t make mountains out of molehills. Life is too hard for that.”

“My son calls me “mOOOm”, “God Pam” (in an incredibly sassy way like its all my fault, you can hear the eye roll in his voice) “momma” and “Pam”. He’s 3.5. He calls his dad “Dad” “daddy” “Codes” and “Cody”.”

" Its so sad when babies aren’t baby enough to call us mama anymore! My baby, our youngest, is 2 and only calls me mama if she’s really tired and getting whiney, or upset."

“My 8-year-old called her dad ‘Bro’ a few months ago. His face was priceless.”

“I just started referring to myself as mama when my daughter did this. ‘Can you give that to mama?’ ‘Can mama have a hug?’ ‘Mama loves you.’ She caught on and started calling me mama again.”

“My daughter went through that phase. Only lasted a short time. She’s 11 now and still calls me mama or mommy. I hope your little will be the same way.”

“My two year old calls me mommy and has picked up bruh from her brothers.”

“It’s a phase. She’ll grow out of it. I’m in my fifties and went from mama to mommy. My mommy loves it.”

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There are plenty of other things you can be upset about .


My baby did the same thing but don’t worry about it so much cause it didn’t last that long now he calls me mama mom mommy at least the baby knows who you are no matter if it’s mom or mama

It’s not forever - just a phase.

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My fifteen-year-old son in two and three year old daughter still call me Mommy every once in a while though the girls will say mom and I tell the girls I’m Mommy

Its ok. My brother and I say that there are levels. First is mama, then mom, and lastly…just ma! :joy:

They all have love in them so, just let it be :wink:

My daughter is now 35 and still calls me mama and no we are not from the south lol.

You have a right to any feelings that you have. It’s okay to feel sad about losing something that you felt was special to you. There will be more things that will be special between you and your daughter. Hugs. <3


Mine calls me mom or Linda…lmao


My daughter’s first word was Mom … and then soon after she had a verbal regression (she is on the Autism Spectrum) and stopped talking. She will be six and still no words. So yeah … :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:

My 5 yr old still calls me mama I love it. Your entitled to your feelings

It happens. It doesnt mean she loves u any less or thinks any differently of u. Its completely normal thing that does happen

Idk, my 22 yr old has always called me "momma":heart::heart:

My 2yr old calls me Shay-Shay or either bae!

Both of mine call me mama mom mommy or amanda depending what they want or need…

Well she could be calling you by your first name.

Wait till they become teenagers and you just get grunts :joy::joy:


Holy cow,wait until she is old enough to tell you to " mind your own business" …smh…must be first time mom.

Parenting gets a lot tougher…

Brace yourself. Motherhood gets tougher than this.