I'm thinking of having another child: Thoughts?

Hey, I’m a mother to 4 beautiful kids and one stepdaughter after I had my last I wasn’t sure if I wanted my tubes tied. I want one more, but I feel like so many would look down ya for having so many kids. We make great money, and our kids want for nothing. We could afford another, but I am so scared of what others think. What do I do? I’m 36, and we live in the best part of town with amazing schools. I just am lost because something in my heart is telling me to go for it!


I say if you feel as if you want another child & can afford to have another do so! My grandparents had 17 children, do what makes YOU happy & makes you feel complete!


Go for it if that’s what you want

Then go for it! Who cares what other people think. You said you guys make great money and your kids want for nothing. Bring another life into the world, give them an awesome childhood!! Nobody else opinion matters except you and your partner.

If u want another one have one and don’t worry what others think

Like u said salary is great and ur kids are up to mark. I say go for another once u have no medical issues etc to worry abt. Ignore ppl and their words because at the end of everything they give u nothing and your kids are happy.

…is your husband also unsure or just you? I would communicate this with him so that the two of you can decide.

If it’s what you and husband want then do it!

Forget what others think. If you and your husband want another baby, go for it!

Then you should, and not worry about what others think, just your husband.

Do it do it do it! :sparkling_heart:

If you can handle another baby then do it!! Other people’s opinions about your life doesn’t matter

If you want another one have one. Dont make decisions based on how others will perceive you. You do you. You do what makes you happy. I have 5 beautiful little babies. And I had so many people ask me if I knew how babies were made. I just laughed and said yes. And went on about my day. Good luck mama!

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If that’s what you and your partner want then no one has a say in what you guys do, don’t mind what others say , it only matters what you and your s/o think and want

If u want another baby and u can afford it that’s all that matters who cares what other people say. I have 5 kids and I dont care what people think they are a beautiful blessing

If you feel ready for another go for it keep in mind things can happen not saying they will but you never know it only up to you and your partner

Go for it have another child

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I have five and a stepdaughter :slight_smile: I still crave more lol but tubes tied due to health. If you can handle more support more and want more have at it mama.

If you and your husband want another baby, go for it! It doesn’t matter what others think about it. It’s not their life.

Obviously if you live in fear of what others think you must live a miserable life. Fuck what anybody thinks of your life. I’m a single mom of 5 kids. Society ain’t paying my bills and taking care of my kids so why does anybody else’s opinion matter. I may have one more in the future too if I chose to, am I going to consult with strangers who obviously don’t matter?..doubtful!