Irish boy names?

My husband and I are due with a boy in a few weeks. We are looking for strong irish boy names and cannot find anything that we like. Any ideas?


Cian, Cillian, Liam, Seamus, Aiden, Donal are pretty standard. Declan is one of my favorites with the adorable nickname of Duck. Lorcan means little fierce one. Odhran (pronounced Oh-rawn) has been a popular name in Ireland the last few years and means little green one. Fionn is the more traditional version of Finn. Kieran means little dark one and is usually given to those gorgeous black haired Irish boys.


Rory (meaning red, thought it would be cool if he has red hair), Rian (meaning King, Darragh (meaning oak tree or dark oak, masculine forename)

Kian is my son name. He was born on St. Patrick’s Day.

Colin, Matthew my fave. is Orian!

I love Cillian (kill-ee-an)

Orion, Euan, Ewan, Patrick, Declan, Deaglan, Fionn, Riley, Breccan, Oisin, Carson, Cashel, Cullen, Toiben

Keegan is also my fav!

DaithĂ­ (David) my grandson. His dad is from Wexford, Ireland

My son is Kyle it means narrow spit of land (which he was and remains so) we chose it also because we didn’t want anyone to shorten it

Finnegan (Fin, for short)

Connor. Shamus. Or anything from Boondock Saints.

Killian and Liam are my boys names.

Shannon is Irish name. My brother name was Daniel Patrick Shannon. All 3 irish.

My husbands name is Sean Patrick

Declan, Liam, Brennan, Brady

We named our son Killion. Kilion or Chilion is actually Hebrew but everyone thinks it’s irish :rofl:

Shane. That’s my sons name

Davis James My grandson’s name