Is 5 years to big for an age gap?

I have two children two years apart. Thinking of having a 3rd but the age gap will be 5 years. Is this too big a gap? I’m really anxious and overthinking it. I just want all my children to grow up happy and love each other


I think you are over thinking it

Nope. My daughter and son are 5 years apart. It’s actually very nice as my daughter helps me out if I need something and hangs out with her brother and plays with him while I sneak a shower in


My 2 middle girls are 8 years apart and they’re besties :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And my older girl has always been such a big help to her little sister.

Mine are 16, 13,12 and 6. My older children, baby my youngest.

I have 4 daughters … 21, 16, 10, 4 … all 5.5 years apart and it’s AWESOME.

I have 9 years apart

I am 16 months older than one brother 7 years older than another brother 11 years older than a sister 20 years older than another sister and my baby brother is 23 years younger than me i love all of them the same

My kids are 5 years apart. My son is older and has always been such an amazing protector and brother. They are just old enough to play with each other and he teaches her alot :heart:

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Not at all. My oldest son was 5 years older than my daughter. They got along fine.

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I have 18 years between my first & second :slightly_smiling_face: first was a boy and second is a girl & their bond is AMAZING!!

Not at all. I have a 13,10,&5 year old!!

It’s not the age gap that matters, but the love and morals of the home. People don’t believe this but, they will love each other if you teach them so… Don’t worry so much. They’ll be good

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My brother and I are 16 years, so….

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My kids are 5 years apart both girls I think that age gap works really well just from my experience.

My youngest is going to turn 2 next month and my oldest will turn 15 in a couple months and my middle will turn 14 in a couple months. We have a huge agree gap but it’s worked fine for us

Just had my 3rd baby…his older siblings are 8 and 10 years old and they are totally in love!

My two are 6 years apart (9&3). My 9 year olds a huge mother hen.

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My brother is 12 months older than me. We still managed to have an amazing bond.

My first two are 6 years apart and it was so easy for me having them be in different age brackets, now im worried that since im pregnant with my third due any day now and my youngest is 2 so I’m not sure how them being 2 years apart is gonna go…